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  • Alchemy Detox-s ($US 93)

    Recommended to increase digestion, promote weight loss and hygiene maintenance of the colon. It is mainly made of vegetables, fruits and medicinal mushrooms and herbs. The solution is designed to...
    NT$ 3,303.00 TWD
    NT$ 2,818.00 TWD
  • Alchemy Feed-x ($US 101)

    Recommended as a food supplement to maintain a good supply of vitamins and minerals or to balance nutritional deficiencies. This comprehensive blend is made of five kinds of ingredients which...
    NT$ 3,606.00 TWD
    NT$ 3,060.00 TWD
  • Alchemy Meta-b ($US 144)

    Recommended to support and stabilize the body metabolic functions and keep the blood sugar level balanced. This vitamin, mineral and dietary fiber rich blend is mostly composed of fruits and...
    NT$ 5,122.00 TWD
    NT$ 4,366.00 TWD
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