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… Fiber Crystals, Black Vacuum and Quantum Particles …

As spectacular you may find our ZenCleanz ONE & FORGIVE (intestinal and liver cleanses), these three health support products are not to be overlooked. Their impacts are also obvious! Having detox periods planned yearly is surely important but what can be done on a daily basis all year round is definitely irreplaceable!

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Fiber Crystals
Black Vacuum
Quantum Particles

Fiber Crystals

The Fiber Crystals are designed to pursue and deepen the detoxification of the digestive tract on a daily basis. This blend is designed to activate ones peristalsis to ease elimination and remove toxins. It is not a laxative, instead it balances the intestinal and other physiological functions like increasing fat metabolism per example. Because of this it would impact positively people who suffers from constipation, and obesity … It is actually recommended to everyone who do not eat enough vegetables or eat often processed foods, which are fiber depleted.


Black Vacuum

The Black Vacuum targets fats and mucus afflicting the liver and blood vessels. Nowadays liver issues like Fatty Liver per example and circulatory problem like cholesterol, triglycerides that often degenerate into atherosclerosis have become a plague in our modern times mostly because of “frankenfoods” that the body can’t recognize and hence cannot process and eliminate … These toxic foods are just accumulating and clogging the system. The BV as we call it here are a powerful daily maintenance for those widespread issues.


Quantum Particles

The gathering of toxic matter starts to take place when undigested food clogs the digestive system and even worse when undigested material penetrate the bloodstream and start to trigger auto-immune reactions. Food needs to be broken down, food needs to be processed in the small intestine in order to provide the cells the nutrients they need. The Quantum Particles are designed for that! On one side they are a great prevention against digestive system intoxication and on another side they assure the absorption of nutrients so the cells can be fed. Difficulty to gain weight and cravings that lead to obesity are both signs that food is not properly absorbed and that detox should be a priority. Quantum Particles should be in everyone’s pocket, ready to be taken after meals!

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