ZenCleanz Questions

  • Hi! I'm on day 2 the Zencleaz and wanted to ask some questions.

    I know after taking the invigorting shot its normal for intense flushing of the skin, etc ( and boy did I turn into a pusling tomato!) but as it started to go down arounnd the hour mark...I then proceeded to have the reverse effect and was shivering and my toes went numb for a 10-15 minutes. Assume that's okay but just wanted to better understand!

    And secondly, I sadly don't have access to a sauna or tub... but I do take hot yoga classes when avaialble - although timing them to be exactly an hour after the drink is not quite possible... Is sitting in a hot shower at all effective? Or if I do hot yoga later at night is there still some benefit post invigorating shot to sweat out the toxins? 

    Thank you!

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