FAQs about shipping

  • Why can’t you ship product to my country?

    Because some country’s customs policies, it happens that the products can’t make it through the customs. They would need to be approved first and this requires that a local partner would make the required steps to do so. In this case, if you have friends visiting you from another country, you can ask them to bring product along.

    Why can’t I get “free shipping” for ordering over $299?

    The only time this could happen is if you are located in a “remote area” or in some exceptional countries. See the list: https://zencleanz.com/pages/zencleanz-page-special-shipping-requirments

    Why is my order partial delivered?

    It happens sometimes. You can check the status of your product's status with your tracking number on DHL.com. It depends on DHL Express, which means out of our control.

  • So no one knows if there are customs.  If DHL is the shipper They have customs insurance like a bond.  But I believe I read their distributor is located in San Jose Ca.

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