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  • Hepatitis b and fatty liver

    Customer: Awaiting answer to question looking for liver cleanse as have hepatitis b and fatty liver however it’s not giving me problems but have 6 monthly checks on blood
    Dr. Li Ox:  Cleansing your liver will be the best move you can make ... For the fatty liver you will need to pursue on a daily basis with the Black Vacuum ... You will see fat coming out of your stool daily and feel the improvement in a short term. For the hepatitis you need to boost your immune system and keep cleaning your blood ... Our new Mycelia is designed for that ... It is a blast of polysaccharides ... Google “Healing properties of Mushroom Polysaccharides” and you will understand why we brought this one out.
    Keep in mind that liver cleansing is not a one-shot deal ... Keep digging ... it’s so worth it! You can do many liver cleansing back to back ... See how it feels after your first one ... 

    Liver fibrosis

    Dr. Li Ox:  For liver fibrosis ... the liver surely needs deep cleansing. This type of disease may require more that just a day cleanse though. I would recommend on top of the cleanse to use the Black Vacuum and
    one of the liquid enzymes; the Detox-S or/and the Chi ... These would pursue and deepen the cleansing of the liver on a day-to-day basis. Moreover if you could apply hot ginger compress on your liver this would activate the blood circulation in that area. Simply apply ginger essential oil on the liver and cover with a hot bag for about 20 minutes as often as you can.

    Liver cancer 

    Customer: My mum has liver cancer - initial stages.. Would a cleanse help?
    Dr. Li Ox:  Cleansing the body as deeply as possible and nourishing with the most potent nutrients is always recommended. Having a cleaner body will never harm anyone and will most likely prevent from further health problems ... It can also be combined with other allopathic approach too. Check with your physicians if any contraindication but most likely not.

    Gallbladder removed / Olive oil

    Customer: I am doing the colon cleanse. I was going to do the liver cleanse forgive on wednesday, I don't have a gallbladder, it was removed in 1996. I am worried about doing the zen cleanse liver, as my body won't be able to deal with the olive oil. I don't have gallstones, as I don't have a gall bladder what can you recommend? I did olive oil and lemon juice flush in 1996 twice, it turned out I had dead blood cells in my gallbladder, and so had surgery they looked like lava rocks. do you think I should do the program and skip the olive oil.
    Dr. Li Ox: You have to do the whole cleanse with the oil ... If you had your gallbladder removed you had lots of toxic matters in your liver as well and the oil will help to flush it all out ... The whole process ... no change ...


    Customer: I have mold is this safe for detox
    Dr. Li Ox: cleansing is never contraindicated ... Just make sure that you be mindful of your day to day diet ... Rise your pH on the alkaline side and clear your inner dampness ... The intestinal cleanse will get you well started in that matter as it releases lots of internal dampness and free your liver as it will help to alkalize your system ... Have a look at alkaline diets online, that will help you get the basic information


    Customer: Can a very poorly 14 yo take this with major gut issues? Who is struggling getting food and drink in.
    Are there any side effects? I'm hoping it will help with my child. We've seen so many different drs and alternative practitioners over 6 years and my 14 is now in bed all day and struggling to eat and drink anything and I'm hoping it may help.
    Dr. Li Ox: Is your son been diagnosed with a specific issue?
    Customer: ME/CFS, but the stomach issues have not been addressed since this 'label'.  It's been six years and we can hardly get food and drink in now.  I have spent thousands on alternative and the NHS have been no help.  There are problems with swallowing too.  I thought that perhaps this might help, as the tummy is distended too.  We were doing MMS for a short while.
    There was faecal loading up to the ascending colon in a recent xray, and Charlie feels full all the time, but can't eat, yet is very hungry.  I've been using natural laxatives but had to use senna eventually.  I did use some Epsom salts too.
    Dr. Li Ox: Start with our Fiber Crystals (one before sleep and one as he wakes up with a glass of warm water) and at least 60ml (2x30 a day) of Ambrosia (Liquid enzymes). That will process the undigested matter and activate the bowel movement. Start with this for a month ... and keep me posted. Once we see some movement restored we can think of the intestinal cleanse.

    Womb cancer

    Customer: Hi, would your intestinal cleanse be suitable to use for someone with a stage 3 womb cancer please? We are trying to find holistic healing methods. Many thanks
    Dr. Li Ox:  Keep in mind that our products are very powerful cleansers made of fermented plants. When you say “womb” what do you mean? I would personally suggest a combination of water fasting alternating with enzyme-rich diet (raw food) repeatedly until healing is completed. Water fasting should be extensive (3 weeks at a time) and followed by the enzyme-rich diet (raw food and our enzymes) ... 
    This should be combined with daily exercises that would induce sweating to move and purify the lymph that will be strongly involved. 
    I suppose that this person is followed by a MD and oncologist and most likely going through some chemo or radio therapy ... This doesn’t matter as all I am talking about concern feeding life all along the process. 
    All this is not a prescription but a personal sharing as I have been visiting many fasting centers over the last 30 years and met many people who had spectacular results with such a process. Always keep cleansing and feeding the body deep down to the cells. Bring life in. At the same time it is very crucial to raise the vibration through cultivating a sincere positive mind. Avoid soaking in fear. A high vibration as the outcome of a positive mind will support the expansion of the blood vessels and a better circulation which means a better oxygenation and nutrition of the cells. Time is to healing now ... full time ... 
    Our products are pure and the best food you can find. They are directly bioavailable which means they are predigested and doesn’t require any effort from the body to hit the target, the cells.

    Severe chronic illness, bedridden for many years

    Customer: Can you please recommend how to start for someone who has had severe chronic illness, bedridden for many years, extremely sensitive? They are starting to improve, but still in process. I think it's now safe to begin with your products, but I don't know which one to start with, how to progress through the various products, and how slow.
    Dr. Li Ox: To offer you a more accurate answer i would need to have more details on that person.
    In any cases, if that person doesn't have acute intestinal inflammation we normally start with the intestinal
    and then the liver cleanse. Ideally you could start with the Rainbow kit that includes both + a daily intake
    of enzymes for 7 days.
    When you will see that the reaction is good and you can see all the toxic matter coming out then it will
    maybe time to consider the 100-Day Restorative Program which offers a daily intake for 100 days.
    As you know, for healing one needs to be consistent. These enzymes are a true powerhouse and have
    a strong impact on chronic illnesses and auto-immune diseases.

    Candida and fungal overgrowth

    Customer: I have candida and fungal overgrowth. Just wondering about the sugar/fungal content of some of the products. Do you recommend such product for patients with chronic yeast problems. Is the sugar concern for compromised small instestine (parasites)
    Dr. Li Ox: With Candida it is possible that the intestinal cleanse be intense ... Nevertheless it is the same process as I mentioned for a case of MCAD or SIBO ... All the Candida  programs that exist try to avoid the symptoms, none of them address the problem.
    How is it going with the Mycelia? Do a week or two with Mycelia, Fiber Crystals, Black Vacuum and Quantum Particles (you can integrate them one at a time to see if a special effect is brought by a product in particular) ... Then do the liver cleanse first before the intestinal cleanse.

    Candida and heavy metal

    Customer: I am feeling ready and excited about using these enzymes to target the biofilm in my body to support my fight against Candida, but I have also heard that Candida can bind to heavy metals and that going after heavy metals is also a wise rout to getting Candida under control. 
    My question for you is, do the enzymes support heavy metal detoxification? And do you know if one should focus on enzyme therapy and targeting biofilm or doing heavy metal detox? Does one come before the other? Can you do them simultaneously? Are they mutually exclusive? 
    Also will the enzymes help treat mold poisoning?
    Dr. Li Ox: Hi, Let me give you a short answer ... Do not approach the heavy metal detox before you have cleared your intestines, liver and lymph. Candida is made possible with an acidic environment ... You may already eat well which would be a sign that your liver is clogged ... Cleanse it well, it may take quite a few cleanses as the liver has such a dirty job. Mold thrive in a damp environment ... Be mindful of what you eat and drink ... If you eat too sweet, and this includes fruits you will not help that condition ... Think DRY! Ginger, sauna ... astringent herbs. You are too damp inside and this keeps this issue in a loop.

    Mercury toxicity, SIBO and adrenal fatigue

    Customer: Hi, is it ok to do the rainbow cleanse if I have mercury toxicity, SIBO and adrenal fatigue please?
    Dr. Li Ox: 
     Don’t address the heavy metal immediately ... cleanse your intestines, liver and lymph first ... With SIBO you need to address it methodically ... Read this carefully ...
    First there is no magic pill and that they must be ready to dedicate some consistent time to your healing ... To give you a format you must be ready to dedicate at least a 100 days ... Not that I guarantee the complete healing within that time frame but this format will grant enough time to the cleansing and the healing so you can know that you are on the right track. Let me explain the steps that you need to go through.
    For the SIBO, stripping off the mucoid plaque will open to a vulnerable leaky gut underneath and may creates autoimmune reactions. So after you need to dedicate a time to rebuild and strengthen the gut lining. It will be is essential before going back on regular food.
    In that case I would suggest to start a 4-week period strictly on enzymes. Start with the intestinal cleanse and follow with the MYCELIA (120ml a day) which is a polysaccharide blast and would heal and strengthen the intestinal lining, AMBROSIA which would also supply probiotics and work on the lining, the Fiber Crystals that would pursue the intestinal cleanse and also work on inflammation ... and the Black Vacuum that would deepen the cleansing of the liver and the blood. All these combined with good probiotics.
    I would trust that with a month-long period the gut may have recover enough strength to be able to prevent food to leak in the bloodstream ... For after this month-long period I would suggest to eat many little meal as raw as possible and to take the Quantum Particles to assure the complete breakdown of the food intake .
    Maybe it would be good to book a 1 on 1 session so we can explain in detail the protocol to follow to get you out of this condition ... You can book this session directly on the website ...

    Type 2 Diabetic

    Customer: My father is a type 2 diabetic, is it okay for him to do the zen cleans ONE and FORGIVE cleanse? If so, how do you recommend to juice for diabetics?
    Dr. Li Ox: Every sugars in our blends are predigested so they are not dangerous ... Yet it happens that for some reason the blood sugar rises momentarily for an hour or two ... Must not panic and just wait to pursue the cleanse when the blood sugar is back to normal ... It is strange that this occasionally happens ... maybe some kind of memory the body has with the sweet flavor ... But no worries.

    Yeast Infections

    Customer: What is going to be the best enzyme bottle for reoccurring yeast infections?
    Dr. Li Ox: Yeast infection is directly related to your body pH ... Yeast thrive in an acidic environment and can’t in an alkaline one ... Many things affect our body pH our food is one for sure but not only ... Our breath is an important factor ... If we don’t breathe deep enough our CO2 level in the blood increase and promote yeast ... Stress affects our breathing and makes it shallow ... So I would say yes have a look at your nutrition and try to implement a daily outdoor activity that will make you breathe deeply ... a sport that you like that will put you out of breath and make you pump your lungs ... In terms of enzymes, the Ambrosia will provide a good nutrition and gut flora like most of our liquids but with a wider variety of ingredients and our Black Vacuum will impact the pH ... And still you gotta breathe ;)


    Customer: What is your recommendation of cleanse when the body is fighting with hiv?
    Dr. Li Ox: Always keep the liver and blood clean and control inflammation. Liver may need multiple cleanses and the Mycelia is rich in Polysaccharides which is great to cleanse the blood, reduce inflammation and boost the immune system.


    Customer: Hi, does Zen Cleanse help with Xanthelasma around the eyes? Thank u :)
    Dr. Li Ox: Xanthelasma is often a symptom of accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries so YES ABSOLUTELY... It would be important to cleanse intestines, liver and blood vessels ... Can use the Mycelia to cleanse the blood vessels ... Keep in mind that here we are talking about the natural properties of plants and not medicine ... We are not claiming that our products have those effects but all research and traditional healing methods agree that these help tremendously.


    Customer: Hi, I have been wanting to try your cleanse for a while now. I am 56 year old female and enjoy relatively good health, however I do suffer from Bursitis in my right hip and I would like to lose approx 10 kilograms of weight. Which cleanse do you recommend for me?
    Dr. Li Ox: These symptoms, both bursitis and weight issues, indicate a clogging of the liver ... We would recommend to cleanse the liver deeply ... suggest to do 2 liver cleanses back to back.


    Customer: Is it safe for someone who has low pancreatic function?
    Dr. Li Ox: All our products are fermented which means predigested so there are no problem with sugar processing.. The Lightseed has great ingredients that target metabolic functions like sugar balance per example.

    Gastric cattarh

    Customer: Can I do the cleanse if I have gastric cattarh?
    Dr. Li Ox: Gastric cattarh is a type of inflammation ... When acute inflammation it is better to reduce the inflammation with Mycelia Fiber Crystals and Quantum Particles first.

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