Questions about Liver Cleanse

  • Customer: Do you suggest sauna on the day of the liver cleanse?
    Dr. Li Ox: Yes sure ... The liver works best at a bit higher temperature ... That’s why we suggest a hot bag after the flush drink

    Customer: Should I still expect a bowel movement with the liver cleanse if I’ve been fasting for 11 days
    Dr. Li Ox: Most likely a diarrhea-like movement

    Customer: What would you say how many of them are necessary to fully cleanse the liver?
    Dr. Li Ox: Cleansing is a lifestyle ... We live our life the best we can, we do what we are here to do and we cleanse to restore balance ...
    At some point you will feel that your liver is clean ... You will feel the virtue and powers of the liver manifesting ... Compassion, forgiveness will show as a state of being and kindness will be tied to every actions ... That’s the complete restoration of the liver.

    Customer: all of the Apple enzyme packets had moisture, caking, stickiness inside
    Dr. Li Ox: No worries, the product you had is fresh just out of the factory. Yes there is a certain degree of moisture that is kept in this powder and this is not a bad thing but in fact it cakes ... It always cakes but it dissolves instantly when put in water.
    Of course no adverse reaction was to be expected since the quality was at its maximum ... Our production standards are very high and the quality control is very strict since it is good and moreover fermented food ...

    Customer: Can liver cleanse help rid of sudden anger outbursts? I am 20 mos postpartum with weak andrenals and suddenly have had angry outbursts and I wonder if my liver is imbalanced.
    Dr. Li Ox: Anger hurts the liver ... it tenses it ... And the other way around too ... Toxicity of the liver tenses it and makes us feel angry, guilty, jealous ... In this emotional spectrum. The deeper we cleanse the liver the more it’s virtue, compassion and forgiveness, and it’s kindness become our natural vibration.

    Customer: How do you know when you’re done cleaning liver?
    Dr. Li Ox: until no stones come out and it feels clean...

    Customer:  I started the liver cleansing yesterday but couldn’t continue in the morning because I felt really bad. So I missed 2 drinks. Will it still be effective?
    Dr. Li Ox: No worries ... I suggest that you take those drinks anyway ... The bad feeling comes from the toxins moving through the liver ... it is a good sign ... Keep in mind that the cleansing of the liver is a journey ... a job to pursue until it is done.
    The discomforts are surely different when they come from the intestines or the liver. The cleaner it gets the easier it gets.
    Some inflammatory conditions in the intestines must be taken carefully as the intestinal cleanse contains a high dose of fiber and it can be irritating for the lining. Highly inflamed conditions should be approached with the liquid enzymes like Mycelia per example which has a high content of polysaccharides.. As the inflammation reduces we can engage in the intestinal cleanse kit.
    Keep in mind that all these are predigested whole foods not chemical medicine. It is safe ... Although cleansing is what it is and I mean that the release of toxins can bring about some discomforts

    Customer: Is there any chance the stones could get stuck?
    Dr. Li Ox: The stone are stuck ... but the cleanse move them ... If the liver is very loaded it doesn’t mean that all will be cleared in only one cleanse ... may need a few.

    Customer: Hi I am doing the liver cleanse is it normal to have diaherra?
    Dr. Li Ox: Yes, it is normal to have diarrhea ... The “Easing Enzymes” has 2 functions: 1- it purges to make sure the intestinal channel will be open and clear and 2- it opens the bile ducts to facilitate the release of the gallstones and other toxic matters.

    Customer: Hello I've just completed the liver cleanse but haven't seen any of the green matter come out yet... when should this be coming out?
    Dr. Li Ox: The green pieces that you wish to see will come out wrapped in a yellow mud ... If you want to see the dark green gallstones you will have to shower that mud with a strong jet of hot water. Please visit 'Liver stones analysis' here:

    Customer: I have no gallbladder, can I still do the liver cleanse?
    Dr. Li Ox: You had your gallbladder removed it is a sign that the liver it clogged and toxic ... It is highly recommended for you to do the liver cleanse and most likely many cleanses.

    Dr. Li Ox: We added some so we can provide the LACTASE that the intestines need to remove the undigested lactose that even the vegans, if they became vegans only at some point, still have incrusted in their villi with previous diary consumptions. We only add lactose to the liver cleanse because it is the liver that filters the undigested lactose.

    Customer: I would like to know if your medicine is treating liver problem or protecting the liver.
    Dr. Li Ox: In fact our products are not treating problems but giving back to the body its healing power by cleansing and nourishing it

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