Questions before cleansing

  • Customer:  I am interested in the one day cleanse. I have never done a colon cleanse or detox. Will this be ok for me? Also, is it painful? Would you recommend having support while on this cleanse?
    Dr. Li Ox:  This intestinal cleanse is the smoothest that one can possibly find yet it works very deeply ... Normally people feel the action of the enzymes but not in a sense of pain but movement ... One thing is certain is that it cannot harm you and it will have very positive outcomes.

    Customer:  if it hurts at all when the body cleanses it out?
    Dr. Li Ox: It differs from one person to another. 95% of the people cleanse with ease, the others, according to their level of intoxication may experience bloating and occasionally some headaches. All the discomforts, if any, disappear as soon as the Mucoid Plaque starts to be released. It is definitely the smoothest cleanse that works that deep that exist at this point in time.

    Customer:  Hello - I am New to Clensing, where do I start?
    Dr. Li Ox:  All that is on the « Cleanse » part of our home page are the basics ... We normally start with the intestinal cleanse (ZenCleanz ONE) then the liver (FORGIVE) ... The other are to pursue the cleansing on a day to day basis. The Fiber Crystal pursue the intestinal cleanse and the Black Vacuum the liver and the blood vessels. The Detox-S repairs the broken tissues on the intestinal lining and also penetrate the blood stream and address the accumulation of fat in the circulatory system.

    Customer:  Why is it that no preparation is needed before the cleanse? My logic says that if I juice fasted for a few days prior, there would be less junk in the small and large intestines so the cleanse would be deeper. Is my logic wrong here?
    Dr. Li Ox:  This cleanse is not a regular high-fiber based cleanse that simply sweep the gunk toward the exit on their way, it is super active living enzymes that do the work. What you think would cleanse deeper would not change much. At our center we used to show people how clean their colon were after the cleanse by offering a colonic. Now to pursue with our other liquid and pill enzymes after combined with raw juices will have a great impact. 
    The only advantage to juice prior the cleanse would be mentally, it calms people down. Great if they have time!

    Customer:  I’m planning to do an extended water fast - probably five days - and wondered if it would make sense to do the cleanses right before the fast, or right at the end? Or would it be better to do the fast and the cleanses as different times?
    Dr. Li Ox:  Start with the intestinal cleanse (day 1) ... let the process finish (day 2) ... do live cleanse (day 3) ... and water fast for as long as you wish afterwards. 
    The cleanses will propel you immediately into the autolysis phase. Your 5-day water fast will worth double. If you have water fasted before you will understand what I mean.
    I wish you the best cleanse ever.

    Customer: Hi is Ambrosia considered a vitamin supplement?
    Also does it work as a probiotic?
    Dr. Li Ox:  We don't call it this way but if you look at all the 59 ingredients that are all fermented which means highly bioavailable since they are pre digested you can be certain that they are the best food to reach the cells. I personally in my mind consider it as a supplement. About being a probiotic again we don't state it like this although among the ingredients many are PRE-biotic which means that they support the production of the "good bacteria". Enzymes is really a new way to understand food and supplements.

    Customer:  when you cleanse the intestine, is the good and bad bacteria flushed out? if so how to regenerate the good bacteria? probiotic?
    Dr. Li Ox:  Enzymes do not work the way other methods based on over loads of fibers and binders. Enzymes complete the digestive process, they breakdown the matter left undigested on the intestinal walls and feed with prebiotic the digestive tract.

    Customer: If I take binders during the day of the cleanse (or the day before), will that prevent the cleanse from working properly? 
    Dr. Li Ox: Yes. Avoid taking binders when you take enzymes ... We want the enzymes to spread not to bind together ... If you pursue with taking daily enzymes choose to take them separately once or twice a week ... you won’t need more binders ...

    About Allergic
    Dr. Li Ox: All the ingredients have been predigested from the fermentation process and all the products are non-allergen.

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