Questions about Intestinal Cleanse

  • Customer: Does the Zencleanz remove parasites?
    Dr. Li Ox: It is not a parasite treatment but it drastically remove their environment ...

    Customer: What does it taste like?
    Dr. Li Ox: Taste is hard to describe but made of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs and seaweed ... Normally people are happily surprised.

    About pounding headaches
    Dr. Li Ox: First let me tell you that I am sorry that you had to go through such a hardship which is very rare but it does happen.
    It happens for a reason though. If you got nauseous it is because the cleanse has initiated some work in the liver, it moved toxins which is not a bad thing even if uncomfortable. Some may also have pounding headaches in the temple and eyes area. We are still talking about detox here so we can expect some effects. So lets word it this way, it didn’t make you sick but the detox process made you very uncomfortable. With a clean liver you would not have experienced this. I strongly recommend that you engage in a liver cleansing. 

    Customer:  I purchased the 7 day cleanse well I was excited to get started but the whole way through it all I had was very very severe diarrhea to the point it was just fluid coming out is this normal as well as cramping in my legs and very severe headaches . Well I finished it and do feel better but please advise on above symptoms are they normal on a cleanse
    Dr. Li Ox: Hi ... Daniel here ... I am the detox consultant of the company and can explain to you some reasons behind the symptoms you've experienced. 
    When you say that you went all the way through do you mean the first day with the intestinal cleanse? 
    The effects always depends on the degree of toxicity one has. The intestinal cleanse, if one has never cleansed before, may stir up lots of gunk within the intestines and can show up in many various sensations and outcomes ... No worries it is all good! The symptoms disappear as soon as the toxic matter is released. If it was more like diarrhea (wet) it is because your intestinal tract had lots of dampness ... and now it is out. The headaches came most likely because the enzymes also moved some toxic matters inside the liver ... Maybe you can see yellowish beads inside the mucoid plaque when it's been released ...
    Just keep going ... Keep in mind that you are actually ingesting food, clean food, powerful fermented food and there is nothing to worry about.

    About digestive tract
    Dr. Li Ox: About messing up your digestive tract …. Do you feel your tract irritated? In fact. There is a good load of fibers in the blend and it is possible that in your case, since you are more sensitive that you felt them more. In any case you shouldn’t worry about this as enzymes cannot mess up your digestive system, it can only help.

    About sugar
    Dr. Li Ox: Our blend are safe for allergies and intolerance because they are already pre-digested with 3 years of deep fermentation. Diabetics can take our products safely as all the sugars are also predigested. Now why do we add these in the blends? First here we talk about PURE SUGAR from the sugar cane which is super rich in precious minerals and also because nowadays the overconsumption of sugary products a lot of it remains undigested and contribute to the formation of the mucoid plaque. By adding this to the blend we provide to the intestines the enzymes they need to clear this gunk. 

    Customer: I attempted to try the cleanse yesterday and vomited on the 5th packet. I think I may have vomited all of it out of my body. I waited 6 hours and then started again with 2 more packets. Today, I didn't release anything. Can you suggest what I should do next?
    Dr. Li Ox: Sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time. It is extremely rare but it happens and I invite you not to worry. If it is so it is because most likely a work is already happening in the liver or the upper part of your digestive tract. Remember that this is fermented whole food not extract or medicine so if this happens it is because they meet something out of balance on the way. Nausea and headaches are the first 2 symptoms of toxins moving through the liver so it is a good sign. You have taken 7 sachets so you can expect plaque to come out and as soon as it will your symptoms will vanish. I suggest that you take the 3 left in a coming morning before you start eating. Don’t worry about the fact that nothing came out yet, it will on time. Enzymes are still doing their work ... Keep juicing today, avoid solid food.

    Customer: Hey, I've been wanting to buy a cleanse for a while but I'm very apprehensive because whilst researching, I came across comments that said aggressive cleanses such as parasite cleanses and mucoid plaque cleanses strip the lining and what is seen coming out is partly blood. Is this in any way true?
    Dr. Li Ox: Our cleanse does not strip the lining but completes the digestion of the undigested matter that has been stuck on the intestinal wall. Far from stripping it is feeding the lining. This is a big part of the revolution of this product!

    Customer: I just completed the intestinal cleanse. Sadly, I absolutely hated it. I started at 8am (an hour before your schedule as I usually go to sleep at 9pm)
    I threw up the 6pm sachet and couldn't do another. My body literally rejected it. Psyllium husk has never agreed with me in life (I was also recommended it by naturopaths and tried it so many times and often throw it up again).
    I felt rotten. Usually when I cleanse, water fast or detox I feel tired but okay. On Sunday I felt the most sick I have in decades!
    I was blocked up right up until 10 mins ago. Super bloated.
    Got a colonic tomorrow so that'll be good! Your instructions were to wait 72 hours before a colonic to allow the enzymes to work.
    I'm glad I tried it but it's definitely not for me. It was torture (just thinking about the look and smell of the mixture makes me nauseous, it's crazy!)
    I got through 8 sachets in total and finished the enzymes. I wish I could have finished but my body was screaming at me to stop.
    Dr. Li Ox: What happened indicates that the enzymes have been moving toxins within the liver and created nausea and potentially neck stiffness and  temporal headaches (around the eyes). It is not the psyllium husk which is simple empty fiber. Enzymes do not work like other detox methods as they also penetrate the bloodstream and can initiate a cleansing elsewhere. Since your reactions were so strong (physically and emotionally) it is lear that your liver needs support. In fact, at this point in time, there is nothing more powerful than. these systemic enzyme. Coming with power comes also occasionally strong healing crisis. They last a shorter time and the cleanses go in depth much faster. 
    We would also wish that everyone move through like having a mojito on the beach but you know that this is not what deep healing is about. By pursuing your cleansing you would see much faster cleansing. If you have done many fasting before and never experienced such an effect it may be because they haven't addressed your liver with such depth yet. Enzymes are the fast track, they are a revolution in the field. Once the biggest chunks of toxins have been removed the cleanse are rapidly becoming less challenging.

    Customer: I am certainly grateful for the enzymes, they are great!  However do feel that there should be a little more specification and clarity surrounding the fact that much of the cleanse is the sachets which are psyllium husk; many people are intolerant to psyllium husk, this is not an uncommon intolerance/ allergy.
    Dr. Li Ox: There is some psyllium husk in the mix but more other sources of fiber ... I tell you "intolerance" comes from an undigested particle that enters the bloodstream and triggers an auto-immune reaction (allergy type) ... It is a reversible condition. The digestive system needs to be cleansed and the flora rebuilt. Enzymes do both and it is even faster when it is supported by an appropriate diet. I feel you and I can't agree more on the discomforts healing these may bring but they are also unavoidable. Once we know this then it is in our hands to give the pace we want to the process. No need to rush through but every steps need to be escalated ... It gets easier and easier. Note that the kits are a blast, they kick start the journey. If you have a chance to try the Detox-S, the Fiber Crystals and Black Vacuum they will pursue and deepen the intestinal cleanse and dig slowly in the liver. And when you feel ready hit the Liver Cleanse (FORGIVE) ...

    Customer: Hi, is it OK to make digestive system detox with chronic gastritis?
    Dr. Li Ox: We recommend to use the liquid enzymes like Mycelia and the Fiber Crystals to reduce the inflammation first.
    When you take Mycelia, because your chronic gastritis, we suggest you try 25ml with 200ml warm water with empty stomach.

    Customer: I am getting over stomach issues that included diarrhea and vomiting for 1 day and following 4 days with gas and stomach cramps. I'm unsure if it's from food poisoning and/or parasites. I am wondering if it's OK to do the intestinal cleanse before I'm feeling 100% better or should I wait?
    Dr. Li Ox: Do you have an infection? If not, you should jump on the intestinal cleanse

    Q: Why there is a gap of 3-4 weeks between intestine cleanses?
    Dr. Li Ox: We say this because we don’t know every single individual cases and some may have inflammatory issues ... Since this intestinal cleanse contains a lot of fiber we say to wait a few weeks ...


    Q: All those ingredients cause me to inflame from the fermentation and because they have high histamine issues. I am also intolerance to Sulfur and salycilates. And the probiotics cause me to have massive reactions. I really want to do the cleanse cause I suffer from massive constipatoon and inflammation bowel issues extra.
    A: If you have MCAS (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome) we have a naturopath who suffers from that and had great results and share his comment on this video ... We can’t guarantee your reaction as it can vary from one another but this healthcare professional seem pretty enthusiastic about it.


    Q: What about the smoking during the cleaning? Does smoke affect the enzymes?
    A: Smoking will not affect the intestinal cleanse but smoking does affect the adrenals that generate intoxication of the system 


    Q: Intestinal management powder chunky in the sachet

    A: We keep a certain level of humidity inside the sachet. It's normal that powder like this.
    You can use a spoon to press it and help it dissolve in the water.

  • How often can we do the Zencleanse one?

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