Over weight

  • Customer: Can you recommend where I should start - I am a 57 year old over weight menopausal woman Who has never done anything like this before 
    Dr. Li Ox: It is pretty simple ... We normally start with the intestinal cleanse and then the liver. The kits give a good shot and then you can pursue on a daily basis to continue cleansing and maintaining the digestive tract and the liver with the Fiber Crystals and the Black Vacuum ... The Detox-S combined with 2 sachets a day of Fiber Crystals will have very noticeable effects. Of course in order to lose weight it is important to at least cut all added sugar and processed foods.
    As we age we often get enzyme deficient and our digestion is not as effective which result as undigested food remaining and creating plaque in the intestinal lining which creates lots of nutrient absorption and other health issues ... To help greatly the breaking down of food and absorption we have the Quantum Particles that are quite spectacular. If you feel sleepy after meals this is a sign.
    Keep in mind that to detox is a process that we deepen over the years so do not get overwhelm by the idea but simply engage on the path and you will see that on your 67th birthday you will feel better than today ...
    Health cannot be offer in a magic pill so make sure that with nutrition you also add daily exercises and a good sleep. Try not to eat after 6pm and your sleep will improve.
    Wishing you a good health and count on us to support you with the best of our knowledge.

    Customer: I need to lose weight fast
    Dr. Li Ox: If you follow the advice that I will give you here you will loose 1kg a day (or more if you are obese) and this rhythm can last for up to 10 days ... after for some reasons it slows down ... You would need to live only on enzymes for this period. You can still continue your normal activities as the enzymes ARE FOOD ... but no other food. You would take 120ml of Detox-S a day (4x30), 2 sachets of Fiber Crystals a day (one first thing in the morning, one last thing before sleeping), 2 Black Vacuum a day (morning and afternoon) and 3 Quantum Particles a day ...

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