A New Plant-based Technology to Purify the Liver

  • Finally a new plant-based technology to purify the liver is now available.

    Liver issues are on the rise nowadays. The 2 main ailments that affect the liver in modern times are gallstones and Fatty Liver with up to 30% of people in the US and the EU being affected by one of these, almost 1 on 3 people, that’s a lot!. The liver is an organs and a gland as it also secretes many metabolic compounds, it is a very busy part of our body and require regular maintenance. It is also the first filter that our bloodstream has to cross.

    We can of course recommend to make some lifestyle adjustments but our modern life has added so many extra toxic loads in our environment that the liver cannot cope with its filtration task. Imagine the quantity of chemical from the air we breathe, the food we eat, the cosmetic and household products that we use, the transfats (industrial fats that have been created to allow food to remain on supermarket shelves for weeks and months that cannot be broken down by our natural means), all these added to the natural toxic byproducts of our normal life, it is HUGE! It just can’t face that without support … so it clogs! It can’t process, can’t filter anymore and allows harmful matters to circulate freely in the bloodstream and starts to gather inside it’s own tissues amounts of gunk that slowly destroys it. When toxins break through the liver, our internal environment gets polluted and it is a slow downfall of our health.

    The means that have been offered by the medical system to gallstones issues is surgery, cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal). This surgery is the eighth most common procedure performed in the US hospitals nowadays … and from the nature standpoint this is NOT healing. Every organs and entrails have a function, the gallbladder being to concentrate the bile sent by the liver and to release it in the digestive system to breakdown fats and to neutralize the acidic fluids coming out of the stomach after it has digested proteins. The gallbladder is super important! Moreover, to remove an organ doesn’t resolve the cause why at first the organ got sick, so the problem deepens and pursue to its next stage toward a more life threatening challenge. THE LIVER MUST BE CLEANSED, PERIOD!

    Up until now the most common liver cleansing method was offering a week-long preparation drinking daily a huge amount of apple juice and a “Flushing Day” that implied taking Epsom salts internally. While this was giving some results, the technology that we are bringing in now using super-enzymes is much more refined and effective as it digs much deeper in the liver and is much less violent. And it all happens in a single day!

    The long-fermented ingredients have an increased power to penetrate the liver, enlarge the bile ducts, release and carry the toxins out. The results are stunning.

    One question that often comes back to us is: How often should we cleanse the liver?

    The answer is: we need to cleanse the liver until the job is done! At first, if one has never cleansed or only a few times one will most likely need to repeat the treatment a few times. We cleanse until nothing comes out, no more stones (gallstones and fat stones). And then a simple bi-annual liver cleanse should assure its maintenance.

    The second question that comes often is: When will I know that my liver is clean?

    The answer is: At some point you will feel that your liver is clean. It may feel more open and light on the lower right side of your ribcage and your eyesight may be sharper. And more than this you may notice that the virtues and powers of the liver are manifesting … Compassion, forgiveness will show as a state of being and kindness will be tied to every action. These are the signs of the complete restoration of the liver.

  • This very much what I share with my clients. Well said and the product formulation looks excellent!

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