Questions about 7-Day Detox Program

  • Customer:
    so i was going through the rainbow cleanse thet i received i have a few questions
    should i be taking supplements during the cleanse?
    during day 2 3 4 5 i should drink liquid and eat recipes from the rainbow plan
    can i use castor oil pack on day 6 of the cleanse
    do i need colonic hydrotherapy after the liver cleanse
    should i be eating light before day 1?
    Dr. Li Ox:
    hi ...
    Yes you can take supplements ... just avoid binders.
    During day 2-3-4-5 you can either stick only to the enzymes, or choose a liquid diet, or raw food ... The recipes are suggestions not mandatory.
    No need for castor oil.
    No need for colonic but it can give a good final rinse. Remember that you will still take enzymes on day 7 and will still experience a good flush.
    There is no preparation needed prior to the cleanse and yet if you can avoid heavy proteins on your last dinner then you would be certain that the enzymes will not be used to digest but to cleanse.
    Customer: do people notice a big difference when they take the enzymes for the days in between, rather than just doing the 2 single day cleanses?
    Dr. Li Ox: Combined with the Detox-S liquid the Fiber Crystals pursues and deepen the cleanse of the intestines ... You will see chunks of plaque keeping on coming out ... The Black Vacuum melts the fat in the liver and blood vessels ... You will see it with your eyes floating on the water after your bowel movements. ... Of course the RAINBOW is different ... It is 7 days of cleansing with super enzymes instead of 2.
    Customer: is it ok to have matcha tea during day 2345
    Dr. Li Ox: Having green matcha tea does not blend well with enzymes.
    Customer: it’s ok to takes enzymes empty stomach on day 2 345
    Dr. Li Ox: Enzymes should ALWAYS be taken on an empty stomach (except the digestive ones / quantum particles) as these are systemic enzymes that we want to penetrate the bloodstream and do deeper work than simply digesting foods.

    Customer: Should I take supplements during the cleanse
    Dr. Li Ox:- In the day 1 6, only our product (ONE, FORGIVE) and plain water.
    - In the day 2 3 4 5, you can have supplements if you like, but not necessary. Let me remind you pleases avoid binders with the enzymes ... what we want with the enzymes is that they spread as much as possible.

    Customer: Do I need electrolytes
    Dr. Li Ox: Electrolytes is supplements. You need nothing else but the enzymes, if you want to have supplements it is up to you ... Enzymes will boost their absorption ...

    Customer: is it good/better/OK to fast during the cleanse?
    Dr. Li Ox: If you can fast and only take the enzymes it is great but if too difficult you can juice or eat raw foods ... Check the recipe booklet that we provided maybe you can explore with these. 
     If you have space to prolong your cleanse it is great to keep juicing and add any protocol you know or want to explore ...

    Customer: I’m currently taking the rainbow cleanse I’m on day 3 can I add my usual herbs that I take they are for the stomach & kidney region ??
    Dr. Li Ox: Yes, you can take herbs on Day3 of RAINBOW  program.
    Just don't take herbs and our product at the same time. Please keep at least 1 hour in between.

    Customer: The liquid enzymes in ONE is not the same of liquid enzymes in RAINBOW
    Jessica Lofthus: Very recently, we upgraded our intestinal cleanse kit to include the Ambrosia liquid enzyme blend as it helps balance intestinal flora. We have, however, kept the Hygieia liquid enzyme in the Rainbow kit as this helps dissolve lactose accumulation in the liver. As the week of the Rainbow cleanse builds toward a liver flush, Hygieia helps break lactose down to support flushing the liver. We’re dedicated to continually improving our cleanses to help detoxify the body in the most efficient and supportive ways. 

  • I don’t understand why torture cattails with various detoxes, if you can simply choose some kind of diet that suits your body, you can look, for example, at the Mediterranean diet.

  • By the way, I completely agree with you that you don’t need to torture your body with various detoxes, you just need to choose the right nutrition that meets the needs of your body. By the way, the Mediterranean diet includes many healthy foods, such as olive oil, and if you are wondering, Is Olive Oil Part Of The Mediterranean Diet? Just read the article, which has a lot of useful information on this topic.

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