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  • Vegan, Plant-Based and Lactose

    Meaning of Plant-Based: Diets, Foods, And Products - Merriam-Webster
    Modern use of plant-based is used to describe anything from meat to pillowcases to paint, if they are made mostly or entirely of plants.

    Also note that only the liver kit contains a ridiculously small amount of lactose and because our mission is to cleanse and bring people's health back. The liver of everyone who ever consumed dairy products in their lives is clogged with lactose and to add lactase is the only mean to clear this up. If one looks at the rank lactose is listed in the ingredient's list we can understand that in a whole kit there is not even the equivalent of a single lactose pill in the whole kit.  

    The Detox-S contains lactitol. And it is the liquid enzyme part of intestine cleanse (ONE kit) and liver cleanse (FORGIVE kit). We are talking of 0,75% (less than 1ml) in a whole bottle (750ml).

    One more thing is that we are not making false claim as our products have been recognized as "Plant-Based" by the FDA.
    We would ask people to recognize the efforts we make to offer the deepest cleansing possible on the planet right now with the deepest respect for animals.
    All our products except these are 100% vegan. (except Detox-S, ONE kit, FORGIVE kit, RAINBOW kit)

    Customer: Which enzymes are used on the skin as stated in ENZYMES - THE MIRACLE OF LIFE.
    Dr. Li Ox: The Detox-S and Ambrosia work well.

    Customer: The detox-s seemed a lil bit different than the one last month. There is something in it, is it normal?

    Dr. Li Ox: These are natural fermented products do it is normal that the liquids contain precipitates and the flavor can also change from one batch to another.

  • drinking milk can be good according to aryuveda

  • I don't see Detox S on the product page to purchase since you changed the website.

  • @Sharon Neal Hi, we changed the name form Detox-S to Hygieia. The content is the same.

  • Is the Lung Cleanz fairly gentle or is it best to do while I am home I am preparing my work schedule?

    Same question about the Kidney Cleanz.

  • @Sharon Neal Hi Sharon,
    Please read our manuals. You don't need to spend all day at home. Just take our products in time.

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