Questions about Lung cleanse

  • Q: Can you combine lung cleanse and blood and lymph cleanse at the same time?
    A: Yes, please just follow the manual and take them one by one.

    Customer: I’ve been doing the lung cleanse now for 7 days and I haven’t felt any difference. Nothing. Is this normal ?
    Jessica Lofthus: Unlike the Intestinal and Liver cleanses, the Lung cleanse doesn’t produce visible releases. For this reason, one may think nothing is happening when quite a lot is happening. The Inspire Lung cleanse dissolves mucus and strengthens the lungs. As the Lung cleanse lasts a month, it can be a bit until one feels a difference in their breathing. Common detox responses like sneezing and coughing, or dispelling mucus can be common. One will be able to breathe more easily and deeply as the month progresses. 

  • Is it possible for the lung cleanse to help resolve tinnitus? Thank you for the reply. 

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