It isn’t necessary to fast before doing the ONE intestinal cleanse. Eating lightly for many days before can help lower inflammation and boost the effectiveness of the cleanse. It is important to keep a liquid diet for a few days after the intestinal cleanse so that you eliminate plaque. If you begin eating right after the cleanse, your body stops the fasting process of “autolysis”, and moves into digestion mode. The body will eliminate plaque if you maintain a fasted state. You can drink more warm water and liquid enzymes, fresh, raw juices, herbal teas, and broths. As long as you consume liquid (not blended foods) you will eliminate the most plaque. Plaque is eliminated on day 2, and some eliminate plaque on day 3. Keeping a liquid diet for these few days ensures the most effective elimination of mucoid plaque. We suggest focusing on abdominal massage, stretching, and letting go emotionally. Please remember that the feeling of hunger is often a sense of emptiness, and an opportunity to explore feelings we often cover up with food and overeating. After you’ve eliminated plaque, you can begin eating lightly. We suggest beginning with fruit, soups, etc. It is important to focus on eating light and healthily to not shock your system. Remember, your body has gone through something extraordinary!

When performing the ONE intestinal kit, you won’t be hungry. The enzymes keep you quite full. For your additional days of keeping a liquid diet, you may wish to get additional ZenCleanz liquid enzymes. They’re an excellent source of nutritious calories, and those can be great days to experiment with liquid enzyme blends.

Intestinal cleansing responses can include:
Many symptoms of digestive disturbance can occur when cleansing our digestive system. Symptoms are a reflection of our body’s burden, but when cleansing, these symptoms are a reflection of the enzymes working on those burdens. It isn’t uncommon to experience bloating, gas, some nausea, or a headache. These symptoms pass quickly as the cleansing process progresses. When cleansing responses arise, focusing on our breath and our center is helpful. One can also use a heating pad, warm baths, and simply rest. Cleansing is a wonderful time to focus on self-care.