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To strip off toxic matters out of cells and tissues is surely an important step but we need to make sure that those toxins we move will find their way out of the body.

Otherwise they may just land elsewhere and create problems that may be even worse than the ones that were experienced in the first place.

The body has a built-in sewage system, “the 6 Excretory Organs”, which have the role to expel out of the body useless and harmful matters.

Let me display the order in which detox should be done.

• Note 1: Know that the detox reality when we work with super-enzymes is not linear as it is presented here. Enzymes are compounds that we ingest, goes down the digestive system, penetrate the bloodstream, go through organs and tissues. All along they will be active with the detoxing and nutrition power that they hold. What determines the specific action of the enzymes on an organ are the properties of the ingredients put in the blends.

• Note 2: We are coming shortly with information about complementary means of detox for every steps listed above.

Remember that toxicity is a jail that we have built within our body and that disconnect us from experiencing the power of our true self.
Cleanse Deeply,

Holistically and it is your whole powerful self that is awaiting atthe end of the road
- Zuman Rev

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ZenCleanz 7-DAY DETOX® Package


Below you will find several download links (click on the item to start download)

  • See the effects
  • Download User Manual English (click here)
  • Download ONE Intestinal Cleanse English User Manual (click here)
  • Download FORGIVE Liver Cleanse English User Manual (click here)
  • Video's


ZenCleanz RAINBOW Kit


Below you will find several download links (click on the item to start download)

  • For the effects see ONE Kit & FORGIVE Kit
  • Download User Manual English (click here)
  • Mucoid Plaque Analysis
  • Video's

If you would like to have more personalized comments on your mucoid plaque, take an appointment with our professionals. $50 / 30 minutes

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