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The 21st Century is Bringing a True Revolution!

Eastern Wisdom Meeting Western Science


We believe that it is quite a privilege to introduce such products and concepts on the international market especially that we truly believe that these are bringing a key to many spreading health problems of the 21st century.


Differently from the last century where the tragedy of infectious and viral diseases have been threatening humanity and brought about the discoveries of antibiotics and various vaccines, our modern time is facing health issues more lifestyle related. Because of industrial farming the soil has been impoverished, chemicals are being sprayed over our produce, our food is being refined and deprived from their original nutritional values, life’s rhythm has brought a high level of stress, we are soaking in an ocean of electromagnetic radio waves, and our main activities require much less physical activities because of the means of communication, transport and automation. All these changes affecting our health require more life feeding and balancing elements than more intoxicating chemicals.

Natural products and lifestyle suggestions to


your life

We want to reveal to as much people as possible

the most up-to-date and best quality detox and nutrition support products,

offered with a professional healthcare support,

and the essential education on those subjects.

With more than 30 years of studies and experiences in the field of natural healing and solidly anchored in the holistic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and other Holistic Alternative Approach for Healthcare our understanding of the greatest fields of health promotion and support boils down to three main categories of interventions.

We know that the emergence of a renewed vibrant health follows these three principles:
(1) First CLEANSING, to bring the body’s condition as close as possible to its original state,
(2) then NOURISHING to support the restoration of the tissues and metabolic functions.
(3) and finally, REVITALIZING by constantly feeding life while preserving and cultivating the inherent human life force with the purest quality and highest vibrations nutrition accessible at this date. 



Crossroad Between Wisdom & Science

Zencleanz has been created based on biotechnology researches and on the development of the art of natural enzyme therapy. More than offering only those highly refined products our focus is also put on education, and training about Cleansing and Nutritional Healing.

Taking the natural medicine as the core of the research, guided by the worldwide health industry and drawn by the growing international "natural healing" market demand, our mother company, Strong Pulses International, partnering with Scientists, Nutritionists, Traditional Chinese Medicine experts and Organic Farmers we constantly work on developing various types of natural organic food and health care products for the sub-healthy population.

The enzyme products that we propose here can be divided into 3 categories: liquid, powder and pills. They target the common denominators underlying most of modern ailments, body toxicity, malnutrition and exhaustion. We address the “Western World market” and we are spreading our distribution organically at this moment. As we are self-funded and keeping ourselves free from banks loans and biased directions dictated by corporations strictly oriented for profits even when the health of people is at stake. We aim to be one of the pioneers who will be holding the flag of integrity within the healthcare industry for the future generations.

holding the flag of integrity within the healthcare industry for the future generations!

Purity Achieved through Integrity

Our enzyme factory cooperates and works hand in hand with the Taiwan Research and Development Center to make sure all the products are processed with the most advanced technology in order to reach the best quality. We also have the top professional research team and GMP standard plant with modern bio-engineering technologies and scientific management system. We qualify to the International standard production certifications / EU HACCP, ISO 22000 to guarantee the best quality and optimal safety. Moreover we choose to work with chemical-free traditional fermentation methods and organically grown produce.

What does “traditional fermentation methods” mean and imply?

It means that the enzymes, to obtain the highest concentration and purest quality, are fermented without the use of any commercial elements or chemicals.

It also means that we use original organic ingredients in order to come up with the highest vibration and activity activity, and the smallest molecule to obtain the optimal bioavailability.

It also implies a longer fermentation period. So beyond only coming up with very refined and effective enzymes, the final product end up being very thick and tasty, which is important when we consider integrating them as a part of our lifestyle.

It also implies a sacrifice. The whole process is time consuming which has a high cost. This is obviously a big disadvantage in business. Nevertheless we still insist to keep up with this technology to make the best quality enzymes possible at this date. 


1. Organic ingredients: all the raw materials are planted in the organic way and ripen naturally. More than 150 different kinds of fresh seasonal vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, herbs and seaweeds are chosen and used in our formulas.

2. Patented starter bacteria: all the 3 fermentation periods use the patented starter bacteria that is changed at every 5 generations in order to guarantee highly active enzymes. This is basically unseen in the industry. 

3. Traditional fermentation skill: each raw material is fermented separately for 3 stages, then mixed and fermented again according to different formulas designed for different purposes. The total fermentation time can be as long as 3 years or even longer.


pure quality

For Quality insurance the enzyme products have been tested negative for over 200 chemicals and all the ones listed below …

  • Arsenic
  • Coliform bacteria
  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Mold
  • Pesticide
  • Preservatives
  • Salmonella
  • Shigella
  • Yeast
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Total bacterial count
  • Western medicine
  • Heavy metals (others than the ones mentioned above)
traditional chinese medicine
naturopathic  medicine
organic farming

what is

ChiTech Nutrition® is a in-house trademark that expresses that our products are designed and certified by a consortium of Scientists, Nutritionists, Traditional Chinese  Medicine experts and Organic Farmers. Our blends are not made of random mixes of enzymes but made of a fine selection of specific fermented plants to assure the efficiency of the products according to their purposes but also to preserve the integrity of the holistic body. The quantity of enzymes that a product contains is not the only factor to consider when we talk about enzymes. Of course that by combining a wide range of produce together we come up with a wide variety of enzymes in the blends but, since every foods have their specific nature and qualities it is also important to blend skillfully and wisely the enzymes together to preserve the integrity of the internal organs and metabolic functions. The label ChiTech Nutrition® certifies that all these details have been considered.

100% guaranteed

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