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Zencleanz RAINBOW (7-day detox) - ZenCleanz
Zencleanz RAINBOW (7-day detox) ($US 399) - ZenCleanz
Zencleanz RAINBOW (7-day detox) - ZenCleanz
Zencleanz RAINBOW (7-day detox) ($US 399) - ZenCleanz

ZenCleanz RAINBOW (7-day detox)

'It is like autophagy on steroids'

The continued results from clients with the mega dose enzyme cleanse is astounding. Need to keep sharing with you all.

There is something called an enzyme cleanse - where you water fast for 24 hours but consume mega doses of fermented enzymes. I've done it three times and will do another one next month. These enzymes go into your body and act like pac-men, dissolving anything that does not serve.

Because there are so many enzymes, you are not even hungry during the fast. It is like autophagy on steroids. That's right, the process you go into when doing long water fasts.....
You can do what takes people weeks or months in one day.

Look what came out of me on my first enzyme mucoid plaque cleanse.

The inventor is a bad-ass Chinese medicine doctor who has been at this game for 25+ years. 
These enzymes ferment in a room with Tibetan sutras being played to them 24/7/365 over a speaker. Now that is dedication to one's craft! I want all of you to get healthy with it.
In fact it was so impactful for me, that I went vegetarian (after a long time of eating meat) after doing my first mucoid plaque cleanse. About 10 of my clients also went vegetarian after doing this cleanse. I haven't really been able to tolerate meat or any low vibe activities/foods since doing this cleanse.

It is wildly powerful.
I suggest doing both the mucoid plaque and liver cleanse back to back for optimal results.
With love, Josh Macin


Josh Macin

Detox Expert, United States

'Amazingly I am headache free'

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly and explaining things ...
I have chronic headaches for long time and intestinal issues ...

I went through the whole process with the RAINBOW KIT and today is my 7th day.
Amazingly I'm headache free and diarrhea free.

Tomorrow is the first day of being completely vegan ...
I feel so good 


Debbie Ryan

Queensland, Australia

'a perfect accompaniment to natural health therapy'

My partner Aiyana and I have taken the ZenCleanz ONE two times about 6 weeks apart. We have both done various detox styles in the past so appreciate the ease and quality that the Zen Cleanse offers. It tastes amazing and is a nurturing and comfortable day. Each time we have had large quantities of foreign waste come through and we are impressed with the effectiveness which is obviously evident when inspecting this.

We took our second cleanse after a 12 day water fast and the last 11 days since then we are on a raw fruits and vegetable diet. We are both living in a new vibration. Our yoga, meditation and states of awareness are expanding daily as well as going through a lot of mental and emotional clearing.

We believe the ZenCleanz has been a significant contributor to this process and we are excited to build a relationship with you guys, try some other products and include the Cleanse in the retreats which we are currently planning. We believe they would be a perfect accompaniment to the natural health therapy work we are already doing.


Nacho De La Naturaleza

Detox retreat leader, Australia

'I will prescribe it to all my patients'

I am a doctor in integrative medicine in Belgium and I am extremely happy with the results of the ZenCleanz Therapy on myself.

I’ve been ill with long haul COVID (getting better slowly but my god I went through hell!)
I did NAD plus IV, peptides injections, ozone, heavy metal detoxing with a combination of protocols suggested by detox experts …
And now the ZenCleanz.

Since the ZenCleanz I feel the best I’ve felt in one year.
I am seeing so many covid patients in my practice and I will prescribe it to all of them.


Dr Liesbeth Denev

Integrative Medicine Doctor, Belgium

'an easy kickstart to detox'

Only 8 days with Daniel and his wonderful team and have been amazed at the results. This enzyme cleanse is incredibly effective and such an easy kickstart to a detox. I have left feeling extremely energetic, positive and relaxed. Perhaps most importantly, my stay has inspired me to really be more attentive to my body and it’s needs in everyday life. As Daniel says, healing is about feeling more, not feeling better! Thank you so much for a life changing experience!


Emily Birch

Marketing Director, England

'the most effective way to clear internal dampness'

This cleanse is one of the most effective ways i’ve seen to clear Damp. It usually takes a lot of treatments (acupuncture) to do what that cleanse did in 24 hours without much discomforts. So it made it all the more interesting how good i felt for the days after. And still now.
My skin was visibly smoother and less bumpy and my eyes very clear.
The body generally feels light and I am really surprised how much body fluid and fat i lost even 48 hours after the cleanse. More than any other cleanses I’ve tried before.


Ross J Barr

Acupuncturist, England

'the key to a healthy lifestyle'

These amazing enzymes helped me lose 10kg in 2 treatments and my weight has been stable since then so far. Now I like the way how I look so much, I can run faster and easier, I can my yoga is much better, I consequently erased harmful eating habits and enjoy healthy eating now. I understand what means “We are what we eat” now. Enzymes have been the key to open a new door to a healthy lifestyle. Thank you Daniel for launching me on this journey in a very enjoyable way.


Susan Qiu

Chinese translator, China

'allowed my system to relax'

The cleanse has been super efficient. I believe that the fact that I fasted prior to take the enzymes allowed my system to relax and made space for the enzymes to show their true power. A great amount of mucoid plaque came out over 2 days. I feel so light and ready to face again my daily responsibilities.
Thanks for bringing this to the world.


Jean-Daniel Côté

Yoga teacher/breathworker, Canada

'release withouth pain'

The enzymes' power is amazing for me. With a one day simple process, I can release a lot of old stuff that was stucked in my gut. Without pain, I can enjoy the cleansing day. Just relax and let the enzymes doing their job. The day after, I feel lighter and I smile more to the life.


Joël Vetter

Engineer, Switzerland

'a whole new experience'

The process of intestinal cleansing with these products has given me a whole new experience of what is possible. It was so easy and effective. And I did not even need a colonic. I don’t think I will ever have a colonic again as this is so thorough and natural. I truly feel that I got a reset in my whole internal gut and organ world.


Tenna Schreinert

Detox product distributor, England

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