The ZenCleanz ONE is our flagship cleanse kit and the step 1 of our whole body 5-Element detoxification system. The ZenCleanz ONE is a revolutionary intestinal and colon cleanse that has the power to clear phenomenal quantities of intestinal mucoid plaque from the body in a single day. This power-packed fermented super enzyme cleanse kit contains only all-natural and organic ingredients, which include the AMBROSIA, a liquid enzyme formula, an Intestinal Management powder, and the Fiber Crystals tablets. Together, these enzymes help clear the body of long-term intestinal mucoid plaque: the contributory source of all illnesses. The ZenCleanz ONE discharges old waste, absorbs toxins from the intestinal walls, helps regulate and restore intestinal flora, and by these facts, improves immunity.

Cleansing the intestinal tract from mouth to anus is essential as it is the entry point of the external energy that we draw in through food and also because it is the primary sewage system of the body. Gradually, since birth, we’ve been eating, digesting, and expelling feces, but not all of it. The small intestine’s function is the gateway between our food and blood. It is a long track where the food is broken down into nutrients, and that exchange happens with the blood. Clogging this hollow tube creates malabsorption and weakens our overall energy and health. Like a sewage pipe, a portion of gunk has accumulated gradually along the intestinal lining, making “mucoid plaque.” Mucoid plaque in the intestines creates a toxic backup in our system.

• Digestive issues such as bloating, gas, and constipation.
• Skin problems such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.
• Frequent headaches or migraines.
• Chronic fatigue or unexplained exhaustion.
• Brain fog or poor concentration.
• Mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, or irritability.
• Joint pain or muscle aches.
• Frequent infections or weakened immune system.
• Food allergies or sensitivities.
• Hormonal imbalances or irregularities.

The ONE Intestinal cleanse takes one day to perform by taking the kit’s enzymes at timed intervals throughout the day. Self-care protocols are also included in the day’s schedule. The cleanse has a schedule and a system to help release intestinal mucoid plaque safely and successfully. Plaque releases are typically seen later the following day. Note: keeping a liquid no-fiber diet for a few days after this cleanse helps release more mucoid plaque.

It isn’t necessary to fast before doing the ONE intestinal colon cleanse. Eating lightly for many days before can help lower inflammation and boost the effectiveness of the cleanse. Keeping a liquid diet for a few days after the intestinal colon cleanse is important to eliminate plaque. If you begin eating right after the cleanse, your body stops the "autophagy" fasting process and moves back into digestion mode. The body will eliminate plaque best if you maintain a fasted state. You can drink more warm water, liquid enzymes, fresh, raw juices, herbal teas, and broths. You will eliminate the most plaque by consuming only liquids (not blended or fibrous foods). Plaque is usually eliminated on day 2, and some eliminate plaque on day 3. Keeping a liquid diet for these days ensures the most effective elimination of mucoid plaque. We recommend focusing on abdominal massage, stretching, and letting go emotionally.

Please remember that hunger is often a sense of emptiness and an opportunity to explore feelings often covered with food and overeating. After you’ve eliminated the plaque, you can begin eating lightly. We suggest starting with fruit, soups, etc. Focusing on eating light and healthfully is essential, not to shock your system. Remember, your body has gone through something extraordinary!

When performing the ONE intestinal colon kit, you won’t be hungry. The enzymes keep you quite full. For your additional days of keeping a liquid diet, you may wish to get additional ZenCleanz liquid enzymes. They’re an excellent source of nutrition, and those can be great days to experiment with liquid enzyme blends.

Intestinal colon cleansing responses may include:
Many symptoms of digestive disturbance may occur when cleansing the digestive system. Symptoms are a reflection of the body’s burden, but when cleansing, these symptoms are a reflection of the enzymes working on those burdens. It isn’t uncommon to experience bloating, gas, nausea, headache, or even vomiting. These symptoms pass quickly as the cleansing process progresses. When cleansing responses arise, focusing on the breath and becoming centered is helpful. One can also use a heating pad, warm baths, and rest. Cleansing is a wonderful time to focus on self-care.

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