The ZenCleanz FLOW addresses the fourth layer of the 5-Element whole body detoxification system. It is a 7-day kit that focuses on clearing the blood and lymph system and enhancing immunity. This cleanse is crucial for maintaining balanced health in the body.

The FLOW cleanse includes four blends to achieve its purpose: Passionfruit Cleansing powder sachets, Purifying Polysaccharide liquid enzyme blend bottles, Invigorating Blend drink bottles, and Strengthening tablets. The 7 sachets of Passionfruit Cleansing powder effectively remove waste and toxins while the Purifying Polysaccharide enzyme blend bottles help to smooth microcirculation and speed up the detox process. The Invigorating Blend drink bottles facilitate cellular repairing and activation while the Strengthening tablets- also chewable- function to strengthen the blood vessels and improve the immune system. Altogether, the ZenCleanz FLOW cleanse is a powerful cleansing tool that helps to smoothen microcirculation, accelerate detoxification, and boost immunity by removing waste and toxins from the body's blood and lymph systems.

The blood is a vital fluid that delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells, removes waste products from the cells, and plays a critical role in regulating body temperature, pH, and fluid balance. The ZenCleanz FLOW helps cleanse the blood vessels by breaking down substances contributing to plaque buildup and inflammation. The lymphatic system consists of lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes, the spleen, the thymus, and the tonsils. The lymphatic system manages internal waste produced by the cells.

There is no heart to pump the lymph in the body; only movements can do so. The body’s blood flow takes minutes to circulate, whereby our lymph flow takes a day. The natural enzymes in this cleanse drain and promote the breaking up of mucus and cleansing of the lymph nodes, allowing for better lymph and blood circulation.

• Swollen lymph nodes, especially in the neck, underarm, or groin areas
• Fatigue or unexplained exhaustion
• Recurring infections, colds, or flu-like symptoms
• Skin problems such as acne or rashes
• Headaches or migraines
• Sinus congestion or nasal discharge
• Fluid retention and bloating
• Joint pain or stiffness
• Digestive issues such as constipation, diarrhea, or gas
• Chronic pain or inflammation
• Brain fog or poor concentration?
• Allergies or autoimmune conditions
• Chest pain or angina
• Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
• High blood pressure
• Leg pain or cramping, especially during exercise
• Tiredness or weakness in the legs
• Cold feet or hands
• Erectile dysfunction
• Dizziness
• Atherosclerosis or plaque forming in the arteries
• Peripheral artery disease (PAD)
• Blood clots
• Stroke or heart attack

The Invigorating Blend boosts circulation all over the body. Please do not be alarmed. The contents of this blend are meant to boost flow to the body and flush toxicity. The skin may itch, become red, feel “full,” and feel increased pulsation. These sometimes intense sensations will pass. This is an opportunity to feel an expansiveness of increased circulation and not a cause for alarm.

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