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  • Black Vacuum

    Recommended to resolve constipation, clear internal dampness and clean the blood stream. This single tablet is a powerhouse in terms of clearing fat and internal dampness. It is a brilliant...
    From NT$ 1,840 TWD
  • Chi

    Recommended for  its rejuvenating, restorative and strengthening effects of all body systems. Nourishes and increases vitality, restores deficiencies and accelerates the healing of injuries. Known for its anti-aging and longevity...
    NT$ 4,020 TWD
  • Quick View ZenCleanz INSPIRE
    Sold Out

    ZenCleanz INSPIRE

    The original liquid has small molecules, high activity and high absorption rate INGREDIENTS (LIQUID): Phyllanthus emblica, ginseng, licorice, angelica, yam, goji berry, turmeric, red dates, hawthorn, raspberry, dandelion, ginger, tuckahoe,...
    NT$ 9,940 TWD
    NT$ 8,900 TWD
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