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Why do people get sick?

Take a deep breath and let’s have a look!

The core reason people get sick these days is because our inherent natural body cleansing system can’t cope with the amount of toxins that it is asked to deal with and overtime the entire body becomes just like an infested pool.

“Fighting diseases never made anyone healthier,
  Feeding Life always does.”



Cardiovascular, cancer, respiratory, nervous system, and kidney disorders, diabetes, it! It’s all lifestyle related!

We’re eating too much! Never in human history have we had access to so much food! Mainly so much bad food, processed food filled with chemicals, and refined food like sugars and starches to name two nasty ones.

Modern life has also added a big load of toxic matter from pollution in the air and water, toxic cleaning products, and cosmetics, it’s everywhere! Even the soap we clean our body with is a bundle of chemicals.

Sedentary life! We don’t move enough. Keep in mind that a sedentary lifestyle makes the body fluids stagnant and metabolism slow. We become sluggish!

We eat to feel full, not caring about what we eat. It tastes good right? We don’t care about food combining, we don’t chew properly, and this makes good digestion simply impossible.

The natural cleansing system of the body can’t deal with these extra loads, and this leads to toxic BACK-UP.



It means that we take in more than we release. We take things in that don’t come out, and it turns into gunk. Toxic matters stagnate and spread inside our blood, other body fluids, and tissues which consequently trigger the body’s defense system, creating an auto-immune response, inflammation, etc.

This keeps the body on alert constantly and drains its vital forces. We end up depleted with not enough energy to take care of the important metabolic and regeneration functions.

The body spends too much energy dealing with toxicity!

It is this BACK-UP of toxic matters that is the main cause behind the 7 top deadly diseases on the planet right now.

We get sick and die because of our modern lifestyle, not because of external bugs. Our body is dirty and too busy trying to bring a sane internal environment.

Our health is drowning in oceans of toxicities.


Our modern healthcare system focuses on fighting diseases 

Gratitude for all the progress that has been made in the last century as it has saved lives. But modern healthcare’s purpose is to keep people alive, it is not designed to heal people. The Allopathic Medical System, in common terms, is snipping off symptoms and overgrowths that keep popping out right and left, rather than addressing the root cause behind the manifestations.


What do we need to do in order to truly heal?

To heal we need to address the root cause of the issues. CLEANSING is the first step to take. Cleansing ALL the body systems and tissues. Just like a mechanic would do when handed an old Ferrari that doesn’t start anymore, he would first clean all its parts, then feed it the best oil and fuel, and then, this fabulous car is back on the highway, showing off as a performing old vintage! THIS IS COMMON SENSE MEDICINE! Isn’t it? The first parts to address are the main excretory organs: the intestinal tract, liver/gallbladder, lungs, lymph, and kidneys. The digestive system is one of the main elements of the sewage system of the body and needs addressed first. The cleansing methods we’ve been offered till now to address this is through taking psyllium husk and bentonite clay. When we look at the anatomy of the small intestine, we can see that it looks like some kind of shaggy rug. It is not flat, it has depth.


Psyllium husk and bentonite clay get some work done but don’t reach the deeper layers.

Psyllium Husk can be compared to a broom and bentonite clay to a vacuum cleaner. But what happens with sticky matters like fat and mucus, that have spread into that shaggy rug? The small intestine can’t get its job done. The undigested matter accumulates and covers the whole length of your small intestine, creating nutrient absorption issues and what we call “Leaky Gut”, which is more and more common today.

What we have with ZenCleanz is cutting-edge technology.
A fermented plant-based concentrate is raw and alive. Metaphorically, it’s a breathing and chewing technology, that completes the digestion that hadn’t happened in the first place. 

Taking Enzymes is like ingesting little “Pac-Man” that eat up all plaque and toxic matters everywhere they move through. They eat matter in our digestive system, liver, or blood vessels - everywhere they go they cleanse - following the bloodstream.

These Super-Enzymes are literally a revolution in the field of detox, making psyllium husk and bentonite clay obsolete.

Super-Enzymes are SUPERIOR IN EVERY WAY.

Their effects are simply PHENOMENAL, not subtle at all.
They cleanse you and you know it! YOU SEE IT!

Wherever the enzymes pass by they remove plaque and toxic matter. They follow the normal course of food: working the digestive tract first, then penetrating the bloodstream, then going through the filters (liver, kidneys), and then diving deep within the body tissues and cells.

The enzymes are ALL PLANT-BASED. They're FOOD.
FOOD ON STEROIDS! And more than cleansing they sooth, repair, and feed all the way down to the cellular level - following the bloodstream.

This old technology developed by Buddhist and Daoist monks speeds the detox and healing processes tremendously, by many fold.

For example, The ZenCleanz ONE does an incomparable job of cleansing the digestive tract within 24 hours. You won’t believe what comes out of your gut in such a short time. It is the same with the ZenCleanz FORGIVE for the liver.

If you are adept at water fasting and utilize fermented enzymes before starting your water fast, you can make a 3-Day water fast worth a whole week as on day 2 it immediately projects you into autophagic mode.

If you choose to add enzymes during your water fast, you are adding active compounds that spread through the bloodstream boosting the autophagy that is occurring during the fast. 

These Super-Enzymes will cannibalize all unnecessary substances in the body. For example, take a look at a sink pipe, if you don’t clean it for a year, two years, five, or ten - see what accumulates on the internal lining. All the body’s tubes are no different: the intestines, blood vessels, lymphatic system, bile ducts, urinary ducts, etc.

We live in a time of abundance, which is a great thing, but the downside of this is that we eat too much! And we eat too much meat. It has never happened in human history that we had access to as much food and particularly so much meat.

We eat way too many refined starches which means that their fiber, their natural inner “broomer”, has been removed.


Really, if you seek health and true vibrancy, look no further than cleansing and nourishing the whole length and width of your body. Here and now: we have the simplest and most powerful means to do it.


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