Join us and earn commission on each sale



- Affiliate Partners receive 15% per sale as base line
- Grow a 2-level team of sub-affiliates and earn a percentage of their sales
- Commissions are paid out each month with a minimum payout amount of NT $10,000


Our Affiliate Partners are authentic, supportive, create outstanding results, receive incredible commissions and - more importantly - change thousands of lives forever. We'd be honored to have you join us.

What You'll Be Sharing

You’ll be sharing your own experience and high-quality content to your audience, in addition to the material ZenCleanz provides you. We are committed to providing highly actionable, useful educational material. Education is a necessary addition to the ZenCleanz products themselves, together they provide the empowerment and strategy needed to detox & rise.

Tools to Help You Spread the Message and Achieve Higher Conversion Rates


Dozens of variations of promo artwork for you to choose from


Monthly affiliate team meetings


Access to the affiliate chat group


Reviews and case studies

ZenCleanz Affiliate Community

The ZenCleanz affiliate system is based on 3 levels. In our 3-level system, your affiliates can recruit newer affiliates (downlines) under them and those downlines further down can recruit more affiliates. It creates a hierarchical network, where for any sale referred by downline affiliates, a commission is provided to upline/parent affiliates in the network

The ones making the sale (let’s call this level C) will get 15%** commission, their immediate “upline” (level B) will get 5% and the leader “upline” (level A) will get 1%

ZenCleanz Affiliate Community

The 3 Levels of commission are described in the affiliate site as:

#Commission Level% of Each SaleHow you earn
ABase Commission 
15%**Orders using your referral code. **When "Free Shipping" on an order applies, shipping costs are reduced from the commission
BLevel 1 (Direct Affiliate
[New Affiliate signed up using your signup link]
5%Orders using any of your Direct Affiliates referral codes
CLevel 2 (Indirect Affiliate)
[New Affiliate signed up using one of your Direct Affiliate's signup link]
1%Orders using any of your Indirect Affiliates referral codes

How to Earn Commission

- When someone clicks your referral link and makes a purchase, you earn base commission.
- Once a customer completes their first order using your link, they will be considered your customer, and you will receive base commission on all of their ongoing purchases.
- When a purchase is made using any of your Level 1 (B) or Level 2 (C) referral codes or customers, you earn the applicable Level 1 or 2 commission.


- Annually, earn $10K bonuses for every $50K in commission earned by your Level 1 (B) Affiliates!




ZenCleanz Affiliate Partner Application

Hello! Thank you so much for your interest in promoting ZenCleanz, we’re truly honored.
We believe deeply in the program and our Affiliate Partners are a valued, loved and integral part of our ZenCleanz family.

We’d love to learn more about you, your plan to promote and any ideas you have to support folks who might enroll using your link.

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