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  • ZenCleanz ONE

    “ONE” is the ZenCleanz flagship kit. “ONE” is a revolutionary intestinal mucoid plaque intestinal and colon cleanse that has the power to clear intestinal plaque from the body in ONE...
    NT$ 7,660 TWD
  • ZenCleanz FORGIVE

    “Forgive” is the ZenCleanz Liver/Gallbladder cleanse. “Forgive” is an unparalleled upgrade to the practice of liver/gallbladder flushing: using enzymes to empower cleaning your liver more deeply and efficiently, without the...
    NT$ 7,660 TWD

    Recommended to resolve constipation, clear internal dampness and clean the blood stream.This single tablet is a powerhouse in terms of helping eliminate intestinal toxicity. Black Vacuum removes intestinal oil, clears...
    From NT$ 1,820 TWD

    At the base, this is our digestive enzyme supplement. The one you carry and take after your meals. Recommended to promote digestion, to increase the absorption of nutrients in the...
    From NT$ 1,820 TWD

    Mycelia is The Universal Alchemist, made with Polysaccharides. Mycelia is a strengthener to counteract weaknesses and as an overall protector of your health. This blend is made mainly of fermented mushrooms...
    NT$ 3,980 TWD

    Recommended for all intestinal cleansing support, and is especially important for people missing vegetable intake or eating processed foods. These contain a high concentration of enzyme fibers, the "intestinal broomers”....
    From NT$ 2,740 TWD

    Hygieia is recommended for pursuing detox, increasing digestion, promoting weight loss, and the hygiene maintenance of the colon and whole digestive tract. This comprehensive blend is made of five kinds...
    NT$ 3,360 TWD

    Ambrosia is recommended as a food supplement to maintain a good supply of vitamins and minerals or to balance nutritional deficiencies. This comprehensive blend is made of five kinds of...
    NT$ 3,360 TWD
  • ZenCleanz FLOW

    This 7-day cleanse is designed to clear the body’s rivers of life: the blood and lymph system. “Flow” Blood and Lymph cleanse is designed to remove waste, accelerate detoxification, smooth...
    NT$ 8,280 TWD

    Lightseed is recommended to support and stabilize the body’s metabolic functions and keep blood sugar levels balanced. This vitamin, mineral, and dietary fiber-rich blend is mostly composed of fruits and...
    NT$ 3,980 TWD
  • CHI

    Chi is recommended for its rejuvenating, restorative, and strengthening effects on all body systems. It nourishes and increases vitality, restores deficiencies, and accelerates the healing of injuries.  Chi is rich...
    NT$ 3,980 TWD
  • ZenCleanz INSPIRE

    Inspire is a 28-day lung cleanse kit designed to clear, detoxify and condition the lungs, thereby rejuvenating the body and helping you begin to breathe freely. Inspire purifies the respiratory...
    NT$ 11,340 TWD
  • INCA

    Inca is recommended to increase libido, reduce erectile dysfunction, and boost energy. Maca is also known as Peruvian Ginseng. It is a cruciferous vegetable just like broccoli, cabbage, and kale....
    NT$ 4,280 TWD
  • Meet a Healthcare Professional

    If you have questions and/or would like more information about the mucoid plaque and/or your health issues, you can book an appointment with one of our healthcare professionals. Fees: US$150/50...
    NT$ 4,600 TWD
  • ZenCleanz ORIGIN

    This 30-day process is designed to cleanse, nourish and strengthen the kidneys. “Origin” kidney cleanse is designed to remove impurities, prevent viral invasion, promote liver detoxification, balance hormones, and strengthen...
    NT$ 11,960 TWD
  • 100-Day Whole Body Rejuvenation Program Bundle

    This 14-Week program addresses people who are in quest for healing chronic health issues, whatever it is. It provides a sustained enzyme intake to support the cleansing and cellular nutrition...
    NT$ 198,520 TWD
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