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  • ZenCleanz ONE

    This  1-day cleanse addresses the whole length of the digestive tract. It is made of a wide selection of enzymes to complete the digestion of all undigested material that stuck...
    NT$ 5,580 TWD
  • ZenCleanz FORGIVE

    Olive oil, concentrated lemon juice. This 1-day cleanse focuses on the liver. The liver is a filter responsible for eliminating anything from within the body that doesn’t belong there; Everything...
    NT$ 5,580 TWD
  • Quantum Particles

    At the base, this is our digestive enzyme supplement. The one you carry and take after your meals. Recommended to promote digestion, to increase the absorption of nutrients in the...
    From NT$ 1,680 TWD
  • Ambrosia

    Recommended as a food supplement to maintain a good supply of vitamins and minerals or to balance nutritional deficiencies. This comprehensive blend is made of five kinds of ingredients which...
    NT$ 2,800 TWD
  • Black Vacuum

    Recommended to resolve constipation, clear internal dampness and clean the blood stream. This single tablet is a powerhouse in terms of clearing fat and internal dampness. It is a brilliant...
    From NT$ 1,680 TWD
  • Fiber Crystals

    Recommended for all intestinal cleansing support and especially important for people missing vegetable intake or eating processed foods. These contain a high concentration of enzyme fibers, the intestinal “broomers”. They...
    From NT$ 2,500 TWD
  • Chi

    Recommended for  its rejuvenating, restorative and strengthening effects of all body systems. Nourishes and increases vitality, restores deficiencies and accelerates the healing of injuries. Known for its anti-aging and longevity...
    NT$ 3,080 TWD
  • Lightseed

    Recommended to support and stabilize the body metabolic functions and keep the blood sugar level balanced. This vitamin, mineral and dietary fiber rich blend is mostly composed of fruits and...
    NT$ 3,080 TWD
  • Detox-S

    Recommended to pursue detox, increase digestion, promote weight loss and hygiene maintenance of the colon and whole digestive tract. This comprehensive blend is made of five kinds of ingredients which...
    NT$ 2,800 TWD
  • Mycelia

    Universal Alchemist (With Polysaccharides) Recommended As A Strengthener To Counteract Weaknesses, And As An Overall Protector Of Your Health.This blend is made mainly of fermented mushrooms which main compounds are...
    NT$ 3,600 TWD
  • Inca

    Recommended to increase libido, reduce erectile dysfunction, and boost energy. Maca is also known as the Peruvian Ginseng. It is a cruciferous vegetable just like broccoli, cabbage, and kale.Maca is...
    NT$ 3,080 TWD

    2 x ZenCleanz ONE (Intestinal Cleanses): $378 2 x ZenCleanz FORGIVE (Liver Cleanses): $378 12 X 750ml Liquid Enzymes: $1308 3 x Detox-S / 750ml 3 x Chi / 750ml...
    NT$ 87,080 TWD
  • Meet a Healthcare Professional

    If you have questions and/or would like more information about the mucoid plaque and/or your health issues, you can book an appointment with one of our healthcare professionals. Fees: US$75/30...
    NT$ 2,080 TWD
  • Quick View ZenCleanz Kit INSPIRE - ZenCleanz ZenCleanz Kit INSPIRE - ZenCleanz
    Sold Out

    ZenCleanz Kit INSPIRE

    The original liquid has small molecules, high activity and high absorption rate INGREDIENTS (LIQUID): Phyllanthus emblica, ginseng, licorice, angelica, yam, goji berry, turmeric, red dates, hawthorn, raspberry, dandelion, ginger, tuckahoe,...
    NT$ 9,738 TWD
    NT$ 8,900 TWD
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