The underlying principle of natural medicine is “ONLY THE BODY CAN HEAL ITSELF” so the only thing we can really do is to HELP it heal. This means we need to CLEAN it, to remove the blockages and obstructions that weaken its ability to restore balance, and we need to FEED it with the most potent foods and 100% bio-available nourishment that will help it with its digestion and purification tasks.

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Intestinal Cleanse

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Liver Cleanse

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Lung Cleanse

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Blood & Lymph Cleanse

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Kidney Cleanse

To “DETOX AND FEED” is what gives the body back its self-healing power.

This is a pro-active approach... it’s like an adventure of self-care that supports our vehicle, our Temple. AND it’s more of a lifestyle than a one-time focus, it’s NOT a one-shot-deal. We want to implement concrete actions into our way of living. This will demonstrate that we lovingly honor and care for our bodies in the most nourishing way, and our bodies will respond with vibrant health. This will allow us to embrace life FULLY.

When we free our body from the burdens and sluggishness of toxicity, and we properly feed its cells and systems, health becomes our normal everyday experience. More than just eradicating symptoms, we want to TRULY restore health, and we want to KEEP the health we regain, so this does need to be an ongoing lifestyle! We ARE the children of the Earth, she really has given us everything we have, including our body. We are a part of her ecosystem and everything we need is given to us to maintain our balance and enjoy perfect health. So, we only need to utilize the bounty that the earth provides in the right way to restore our own personal ecosystem.

So how are we going to help the body heal itself?

ZENCLEANZ Whole-Body Detoxification System

We provide whole body detox, cellular nutrition, and healing solutions that target root causes. We use cutting-edge technology AND ancient wisdom, TOGETHER, that utilize the power of 3-year fermented plant-based systemic enzymes.

Our health reflects our weakest link

Over the last few decades, we have been introduced to the importance of detoxing, and “detox” has become quite a buzzword. However, the average marketing has only focused on specific targets ...

All these avenues have distracted our focus from the importance of ADOPTING A COMPLETE WHOLE-BODY APPROACH to detox. As a result, many people have the impression that they are doing it, that they ARE cleansing and detoxing, and yet they find that they’re not attaining their health goals. This is because their focus and efforts are INCOMPLETE. To truly heal, we need to address the key organs that are responsible for the optimal functioning of the body, as our health reflects the state of our weakest link. Get to the ROOT CAUSE of the issues.

At ZenCleanz we SIMPLY and NATURALLY guide you out of the “maze” of natural healing with a pragmatic system, which utilizes the most powerful tools offered to mankind at this time: Super Enzymes.

Most often, the main cause of our health issues is rooted in the toxicity of the body, and the clogging of the organs that can no longer easily perform their jobs. So, we need to walk back in time by clearing the gunk which then frees our organs to do their jobs. This is Common sense medicine!


Introduction to the 5 Element Theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine

ZenCleanz utilizes the logic and wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine to structure its detox system.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) developed a simple yet complete system that helps us understand the interconnectedness of all the systems of our body. They call this the “5 Element Theory”.

This theory explains the mechanics of the whole body and the important functions that each organ plays in the overall balance of the body, the interdependency of each organ and system. We will just give a brief overview right now and will get into more detail when we address specific organs and when we talk about single elements.

The ”5 elements” are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. They also relate to the 5 layers of the body and are represented by 5 organs, which are also called the “drainage pathways”. These are the channels the body uses to maintain its sanity and integrity by channeling toxins out of the body. The intestines channel feces through the colon, the liver toxins through the gallbladder, the lungs through the nose, the lymphatic system uses sweat to release impurities through the skin, and the kidneys through the urinary system. None of these body systems are independent, they are all intertwined, and their functions depend on the contributions of the others. In TCM it is illustrated like this ...

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The conditions of these five essential elements affect each other and must be kept vital and in balance.

By understanding the meaning of Yin & Yang we can understand how balance is maintained. By assuring that all the organs are clean and soft (which is Yin) and nourished and strong (Yang) we guarantee the smooth and powerful expression of the body’s vitality, and the natural outcome is inevitably, vibrancy and health.

This is not a stagnant process, it’s interactive, constantly in movement, and renewing itself. This forms a continuous dynamic and balanced circle. If any of the elements becomes over-abundant or depleted, then the whole chain becomes disrupted, and problematic symptoms start to show up, letting us know that we need to realign and make some changes. We say that “time changes things,” yes of course, but what most often sends our health into precarious zones is the negative effects created by our behaviors, that tend to push and pull our natural equilibrium off balance.

Fluctuations are normal, this is what we call “life” and it is not static but ECSTATIC. Life is like a dance constantly moving in and out of stillness and that’s OK. We do not need to chase this still point, we just need to be aware of this flow, this dance, and avoid extreme discord and imbalances. This will ensure that we’re proactively being good caretakers of our vehicles, so we can enjoy the ride.

To connect this to our topic here, we could say that the foundations of self-care can be distilled down to 2 main practices: cleansing (dispersing) and nourishing (toning) our bodies. This way we can be certain to experience the forces and energies of nature moving through its phases in a harmonious flow, with the least resistance, while being held in balance by the 5 elements.


Let's give a brief overview of the connection between the Traditional Chinese Medicine 5 Element Theory and ZenCleanz’s 5-Element Detox System.

We gradually get intoxicated throughout our lives following a very distinct pathway, so when we start our detox process, we want to follow this same path.

There are three entrance points where wanted and unwanted matters, “toxins” get into the body: the mouth, the lungs and the skin. Once brought inside the body, by design, these matters penetrate the blood. The “wanted” matters will try to find their way into the cells to nourish them, and the toxins will be confronted by the deeper layers of our body’s “security system” as the blood goes through its 3 filters: the liver, the lymphatic system and the kidneys, or eventually get trapped inside another organ, body tissue or cell. This is simple and logical ... Just like pollution and debris in a river follows the stream until it lands on something solid or gets stuck somewhere.


Naturally the body produces and uses enzymes to detox. What ZenCleanz offers is a powerful reinforcement to your own self-produced enzyme supply with 3-year long-fermented enzymes that have been transformed into supercharged systemic enzymes that will penetrate the bloodstream and efficiently CLEAN the body's filters and CLEAR the drainage pathways that will lead these toxins out of the body ... Yes, exactly following the same pathways by which we got intoxicated. When we accomplish this, the body then recovers its ability to naturally eliminate toxins through these channels all by itself. This is the most appropriate and efficient method of detox known to mankind.

All living things have enzymes, and fermentation is the means to activate them. And specifically, long-term fermentation is a means to refine and concentrate them further, which increases their natural power, and boosts the body’s cleansing process also called autophagy in accelerated ways.


Every food ingredient in these enzyme blends becomes elevated to the level of a SUPERFOOD as fermentation makes each healing compound and nutrient 100% bioavailable. It's like detox and nutrition on steroids!

Furthermore, these enzymes are ALIVE, ACTIVE, and have the same nature as the enzymes within the body that it uses to cleanse itself all the way through our deepest layers. Supplementing with systemic enzymes will free our body system from the burden of digestion and detoxification. This allows the body's enzyme supply to focus on and improve metabolic function instead. These long-term fermented Super-Enzymes are literally a revolution in the field of detox and nutrition and are SUPERIOR IN EVERY WAY to any method offered to us in these times.


Cleansing is logical, but not necessarily linear. Toxins enter our body like pollution enters the river, going downstream through the blood and moving through the organs. So, to cleanse strategically, we want to also focus downstream (with keeping an awareness of the upstream) starting with the most obvious sewerage system, the large intestines, as well as the most important interface for the cells to receive nutrients, the small intestine. Along with nourishing our system and building the body's power, this will also clear the drainage pathways and allow the toxins to swiftly exit. Then we can start to dig deeper as the blood penetrates the other layers and systems of the body.

How long does it take to truly detox the body?

People like to have a timeline in mind and know what they are getting into. This is humanly understandable.

First, let's be clear that it takes time AND consistency to clear out the decades of the gradual intoxication that has gotten into the deepest layers of our body. Although it is impossible to be precise, we can gear ourselves up for a healing journey that could extend over two years, it all depends on the layers of toxicity in each person and their level of dedication.

This is an adventurous self-care journey, and along the way you will FEEL and SEE the changes happening in your body and you will KNOW that you’re on the right path ... There will be all kinds of exciting signs: symptoms disappearing, skin improvements, more energy and vitality, improved digestion, pains disappearing, lightness and much more.

There may also be some signs that the detox is moving through toxic areas, and you may feel an amplification of certain detox symptoms, like temporary weaknesses, headaches, etc... This is known as a “Healing crisis” which is actually very positive! and is followed by a renewed healthier state.

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