Bring A true revolution to YOU

This is such a privilege to introduce this revolutionary product on the international market as I sincerely believe that it will bring a key to many growing health problems that we are confronted in this 21st century.

First let me introduce myself. I am Daniel Liox the founder of Strong Pulses International who created this enzyme product. I am a TCM Doctor and Medical QiGong teacher and I also run a Detox Center in Yangshuo, China. I have been fasting for more than 2 years over the last 30 years and experienced most existing fasting methods available on the market up to this day.

A key to Address Most Health Issues of the 21st Century

To bring this to you, I partner with a biotechnology factory which ferments following traditional methods while using the most up to date production equipments to come up with the most potent and refined therapeutic enzymes on the market.




Cleanse - Restore - Energize

Revolutionary natural products and lifestyle elements to cleanse, restore and energize your life!

- Practicing the Fine Art of Cleansing -

We want to reveal to as much people as possible
the most up-to-date and best quality detox products,
professional healthcare support,
and the essential education about cleansing


With more than 30 years of studies and experiences in the field of healing and solidly anchored in the holistic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and other Holistic Alternative Approach for Healthcare (HAAH) we know that three main categories of interventions need to be supported to promote the emergence of a renewed vibrant health state:
(1) First CLEANSING, bringing the body’s condition as close as possible to its original state,
(2) then RESTORING tissues and metabolic functions in the case where they would be damaged or suffered from obstructed functions
(3) and finally, ENERGIZING, feeding life in the sense of nourishing the inherent built-in powers of all human life with the purest quality and highest vibrations accessible at this date.
In our whole system we will use many means addressing the body, the mind and the spirit but first we are emerging with the most powerful body detox products on the market at this time that are composed of NATURAL ENZYMES. Along with these we will provide some complementary products and accessories and always… professional support!


Crossroad Between
Wisdom & Science

Purity Achieved
through Integrity 

ChiTech Nutrition®



- Crossroad Between Wisdom & Science -

Zencleanz has been created based on biotechnology researches and on the development of the art of natural enzyme therapy. More than offering only those highly refined products our focus is put on education, and training about Cleansing and other methods of health maintenance sales.
Taking the natural medicine as the research center guided by the worldwide health industry, combined with the growing international market demand, our young mother company, Strong Pulses International, partnering with scientist and Traditional Chinese Medicine experts, constantly develop and/or introduce all kinds of natural green organic food and health care products for the sub-healthy population.
The enzyme products that we propose here at this moment can be divided into 3 categories, liquid, powder and pills and target the common denominators underlying most of modern ailments, body toxicity, malnutrition and exhaustion. We address the “Western World market” and we are spreading our distribution organically at this moment as we are self-funded and keeping ourselves free from banks loans and biased directions dictated by corporations that work shamelessly for profits only when the health of people is at stake. We aim to be one of the pioneers who will be holding the flag of integrity within the healthcare industry for the future generations.




- Purity Achieved through Integrity -

The enzyme factory we cooperate with works hand in hand with Taiwan Research and Development Centre to make sure all the products are processed with the most advanced technology in order to reach to the best quality. The factory also has the top professional research team and GMP standard plant with modern bioengineering technology and scientific management system. It qualifies to the International standard production certifications / EU HACCP, ISO 22000 to guarantee the best quality of products. Moreover, the enzyme fermentation process is carried out under traditional methods with 100% organic ingredients.

- What does “traditional fermentation methods” mean and imply? -






ChiTech Nutrition®is a in-house trademark expressing that our products are designed and certified by a consortium of scientists and Traditional Chinese Medicine experts. Our blends are not made of random mixes of enzymes but made of a fine selection of specific enzymes to assure efficiency of the products according to their purposes but also to preserve the integrity of the holistic body. The quantity of enzymes that a product contains is not the only factor to consider when we talk about enzymes. Of course that by combining a wide range of produce together we come up with a wide variety of enzymes in the blends but, since every foods have their specific nature and qualities it is also important to blend skillfully and wisely the enzymes together in order to preserve the integrity of the internal organs and metabolic functions. The label ChiTech Nutrition® certifies that all these details have been considered.



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Mycelia - ZenCleanz
This blend is made mainly of fermented mushrooms whose main compounds are polysaccharides. Regarding nutrition, polysaccharides play a considerable role in the body.

Polysaccharides have been shown to have immuno-stimulating and anti-tumor properties and antibiotic and antiviral properties. Polysaccharides can lower blood pressure and reduce blood levels of lipids and sugar. A true health restorer!

These highly refined liquid enzymes have tiny molecules, making them highly bioavailable and active and taste good! The three-stage chelation, warm neutralization, and deep integration fermentation processes give this blend outstanding power.

Mycelia is The Universal Alchemist, made with Polysaccharides. Mycelia is a strengthener to counteract weaknesses and as an overall protector of your health.

Those with inflammatory conditions, allergies, a weak immune system, sexual dysfunction, neurological symptoms, or cardiovascular disease.

Add 25ml (1.5 tablespoons) to 250ml (8.5oz) of lukewarm water (below 40°C/104ºF). Take on an empty stomach 30 minutes before meals, twice daily. People with acute intestinal inflammatory issues and/or ulcers should take the enzymes with some food.

If you are new to liquid enzymes, we recommend starting once a day and working towards twice a day. For maintenance, we recommend drinking twice daily.

Store in dark, cool conditions. Avoid sun exposure, inversion, or violent shaking.
After opening: The bottle of liquid enzymes is good for one month kept on the counter or in the refrigerator.

This product is made from fermented fruits and vegetables. Sediment is normal and can be drunk. Everyone above the age of 8 can use this product for health maintenance. If you feel that it is necessary, please consult with a medical doctor.