The term “superfood” is not an official food category but a word that has been used in marketing mostly to promote some kind of  miraculous benefits of some foods and to open new natural health  markets. The truth is that for the most of those foods now showing on the list, science hasn’t approved any specific health benefits. Yet what we consider “superfoods”, and this list is growing each year, are certainly foods that has been proven to contain a higher amount or a super dose of one or more of the essential nutrients the human body needs.

Some fanatics seem to suggest a diet based on “superfoods” while for an integrated healthy diet we more recommend to eat a wide variety of seasonal chemical-free fruits and vegetables. We believe that by opting for plant-based diet and by taking a wide selection from what nature has to offer at every time of the year, the quota of “Daily Requirement Intake” (DRI) for all macro and micronutrients the body needs would most likely be met. And then as a supplementation integrating also a variety of “superfoods” health would get the appropriate boost to recover from illnesses, to strengthen its immunity, and to thrive.

By Daniel Li Ox


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