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The JīNG Essence enzyme tablets are a powerhouse of revitalization. They help strengthen kidney function, promote blood circulation, and regulate the nervous, endocrine, pelvic muscle, reproductive, and vascular systems. JīNG...
Best selling productsBundles


These 1g sachets of chewable tablets help remove waste from the blood. These rice germ-rich enzyme tablets promote metabolism, increase vascular elasticity, and clear blood toxicity. They can improve the...
Best selling productsBundles


This concentrated passionfruit powder is rich in nutrients and antioxidant enzymes.  Flow passionfruit powder promotes metabolism, increases blood vessel elasticity, and removes blood waste. It improves metabolic capacity and balance:...
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ZenCleanz ORIGIN

Zencleanz introduces ORIGIN as the fifth and final element of our comprehensive whole body detoxification system. Specifically designed for the kidneys, ORIGIN cleanses and strengthens the kidneys, removes impurities, balances...
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ZenCleanz FLOW

The ZenCleanz FLOW addresses the fourth layer of the 5-Element whole body detoxification system. It is a 7-day kit that focuses on clearing the blood and lymph system and enhancing...
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ZenCleanz Gift Card

Terms and Conditions for Gift CardsMust be used in its entirety; any unused balance is forfeited. The Gift Card Code is good for a one-time purchase only. Does not expire. No...
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ZenCleanz Customized Bundle 1

This package contains: • 1 x RAINBOW KIT• 1 x FORGIVE KIT• 1 x LIGHTSEED 750ml• 1 x MYCELIA 750ml• 1 x QUANTUM PARTICLES (30 sachets)• 1 x BLACK VACUUM (30 sachets)• 1 x...
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Meet a Healthcare Professional

If you have questions and/or would like more information about the mucoid plaque and/or your health issues, you can book an appointment with one of our healthcare professionals. Fees: US$150/50...
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To resolve constipation, clear internal dampness, and clean the bloodstream, Black Vacuum is the recommended ZenCleanz tablet to include in the diet. 
This single tablet is a powerhouse in terms...
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This blend is made mainly of fermented mushrooms whose main compounds are polysaccharides. Regarding nutrition, polysaccharides play a considerable role in the body.Polysaccharides have been shown to have immuno-stimulating and...
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One of the main ingredients in this blend is Maca, also known as Peruvian Ginseng. It is a cruciferous vegetable classified as a superfood, meaning it contains a high concentration...
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ZenCleanz RAINBOW (7-day detox)

This ZenCleanz RAINBOW is our new comer’s favorite! It is a 7-Day Home Detox Program that has been designed to address the whole Gastro-Intestinal Tract including the intestinal tract and...