Chinese are experts in fermentation. They have developed methods to concentrate and refine the enzyme contents of plant-based foods. They have fine-tuned the fermentation processes to an extent where they ferment for as long as 3 years and sometimes even more a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, medicinal herbs and seaweeds which have various nutritional, enzymatic and healing properties to assure the deepest detox and healing in an accelerated time. They have developed enzyme blends to address specific organs like the digestive tract and liver per example but also other composites that would clear the circulatory system from plaque and reach the kidneys, glands, and all body tissues overtime. Some would be to be taken on a short period of time and others to be taken as a dietary supplement to assure a detox support on a daily basis. The enzymes I am talking about have nothing to do with the over-the-counter enzyme pills that we can get as a digestion aid but I mean super-enzymes that are mostly on liquid form so their potencies are preserved.

Their effects are striking. Per example, in 15 years in China I have never heard of colonic machines being used outside of hospitals. At first I thought that they were not putting much importance to colon hygiene but I was wrong. In fact it may be very hard to find a Colon Hydrotherapy service outside of my own center, and now I know why. What I discovered literally sent our colonic equipment to the storage room. Colonics have become obsolete since I discovered these enzymes.


Now in a single day we can clear, not only the plaque that has gathered on the large intestine walls but all the undigested matter that got stuck all along the digestive tract, including the small intestine. When I first tried the 1-day protocol I was skeptical since for so many years I was convinced of the amazing work the colon hydrotherapy was doing but the next morning my opinion completely changed, I was stunned!

Then I felt the urge of digging more and more into the knowledge gathered around enzymes. How did they work to perform so efficiently. I read many books to come to the point of being able to share a simplified summary of how they work and why they represent most likely the missing piece related to the healing of most lifestyle related diseases that are the top 7 causes of death in our modern world.

I will limit the content here to the point that we are to make about the detoxing power of enzymes. Chinese culture is revealing now a completely revolutionary system for cleansing as it is based on plant-based Super-Enzymes. I will call them here Super-Enzymes because of the fact that all the ingredients contained in their blends have been fermented for a period of 3 years compared to a 2-month process for regular over-the counter enzymes.

Enzymes are alive. The way these cleanses work is that the active enzymes contained in the blends complete the digestive process that haven’t been done and that has left deposits all along the intestinal walls. These deposits have various harmful effects. In the small intestine they affect the nutrient absorption and in the large intestine they have polluting effects within the body fluids since its main function is to reabsorb the water that has been released through the digestive fluids.

If we compare to regular cleansing methods using psyllium husks for example, we can understand that enzymes adds an active elements in the process. Psyllium husks are fibers that simply broom the intestinal walls while enzymes are some kinds of little hungry packmans looking for something to eat. They don’t simply pass by but are actively looking for something to digest. That’s what makes it so much more powerful and fast.

To release mucoid plaque and gallstones like these cleanses do in a single day, regular methods will take much longer and won’t have such a deep effect.

If we compare it also to some juice cleansing we will understand that raw juices also provide enzymes but normally just enough to breakdown the juice itself and has not much power left to take care of what has been left over time. Juicing is something that is still highly recommended but as a maintenance method. It is very healthy to offer the body some resting time with such a diet. It is somehow a great means to maintain detoxing elements throughout the year but for a formal cleansing it is now hugely overthrown with these Super-Enzymes.

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By Daniel Li Ox


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