The breath is the anchor of our consciousness to the present moment.

Life passes through our human experience in the NOW. There is no better life for us but NOW! Thinking is the best way to miss out and to be possessed by our social conditioning.

Breathing connects us to the present moment instantly, no need practice. You try it you get it! You cannot follow your breath consciously and think at the same time. You may have thought or insight rising as you are connected to your breath but you will be detached emotionally from the social conditioning and mental stories and patterns for as long as remain connected to the inhale and the exhale. When you practice this you step out of the manipulation of your past acting from your subconscious mind and become the observer.

Practice this. This is the baby steps of meditation and as you master this simple act of presence you never miss out your own life anymore and will not being overwhelm emotionally … as you inhale and exhale your emotions will come and go … You will embrace the moment and let it go to make space for the new coming in-breath.

Ok let’s do it! Inhale fully, exhale completely … Count the breaths and when you catch yourself thinking again, start at 1 … Try to make it to 100!

By Daniel Li Ox


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