To maintain a good health is not complicated it. actually lies on 4 main pillars.  To know what they are have a look at this story:


WOW! (Words of Wisdom)

“People who have explored a Great Tradition like Daoism know that the biggest part is dedicated to practices deeply anchored in the present moment at the core of the body-mind (100% feelings). There is of course a philosophy behind but nervertheless the most important is the applications ... Time is precious and True Traditional Practices passed down through generations stand strong for those who choose to use it to reprogram their lifestyle and to master life ...

The Great Traditions brought to humanity detailed methods and technologies that are applicable in our lifestyle so we can live in harmony with ourselves and the Whole of Nature … and benefit a healthy long life. They provided a true mapping and system that lead towards Health and Happiness. Worth investigating in those.

Natural Laws cannot be bypassed without negative consequences. We are holistic beings who have a body, who feel and who think and dream. In other words, everything we do, feel and think have responses that we experience in our lives and affect our health. This is the “Law of Cause and Effect”, a kind of a mirror of our actions. It is then crucial that when we experience a negative effect that we observe within and find out what could have cause this.

By applying some changes, by refining our lifestyle immediately we will witness that the effects will also change. It can be related to our physical lifestyle like the way we eat, the way we breathe, our posture, that we exercise or not, too much or too little, can be the way we eliminate or maintain an internal hygiene, and also the way we manage our stress level and emotions.

Just to put you on track, if you experience some kind of discomfort or a symptom, have a look at those 4 pillars of health and consider making some adjustments: Your nutrition, your elimination (includes cleansing), your exercise regime and your methods to manage your stress and emotions. Some may be adequate and some needs some improvements. You can be certain that as soon as you will apply positive changes you will see the reflection in your physical and emotional health condition. This is the Law.

By Daniel Li Ox


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