Chi, Qi, Ki, or Prana are just other words to express the Life Force. This life force is present in food and can be partly measured by the light it emits. This light present in every living thing has been named biophotons. These biophotons like glowworms or a simple lightbulb would not shine without the presence of the source of energy. When we talk about a living organism, we call this original source “Enzymes”. Enzymes are the “Spark Plugs of Life”. Biophotons require enzymes to shine so they can feed our life. Live raw food has enzymes to catalyze this light emission while cooked food lost them. Of course, the body can produce enzymes and will, but only until it runs out as we are born with a certain heritage of enzymes. When these enzyme stores lower, metabolic functions decrease, and when they run out death occurs. This is why nowadays it is highly recommended to supplement our diet with high-quality enzymes.

Enzyme cultivation through our 3-year fermentation process can also be called enzyme multiplication. The fermentation process multiplies the number of enzymes and increases the catalytic power that was already present in raw food but in smaller doses. Fermentation acts a little like a transformer would in boosting a 220V to a 550V to operate a bigger machine. An increased number of enzymes will then boost the speed and power of the metabolic reactions necessary to boost stamina and immunity but also to lose weight, detox, or get rid of aches, pains, and other annoying ailments. (www.ZenCleanz.Life)

By Daniel Li Ox


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