Healing crisis are sadly a real turn off for many people exploring with cleansing and fasting. Cleansing our body is a way of life, something that we must repeat and integrate in our life. It is like a bi-annual (at the least) inner shower that we offer our internal organs, filters and tissues so they can keep performing to the level they are able to. The thing is that for many, the discomforts of stopping eating and the healing crisis that come along with fasting are too challenging physically and/or emotionally, so often time people simply abandon this essential hygiene practice. Simply by supplementing with enzymes we remove the feeling of hunger as there is a highly potent nutrient’s intake that doesn’t require any effort from the digestive system to break down … On the opposite it injects in the body extra cleansing power and energy to face the challenging healing periods to the point that they are mostly imperceptible.